Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catherine and veronica

hi baby=)

when i got home today i peeked into the den. this is what i found...

you and veronica were playing in your tunnel. you two love each other very much=) daddy and i had just gone on a lunch date and had been talking about how we were so thankful for veronica...how much our lives had changed since she came into them. i think this came up because we were actually just taking off by ourselves in the middle of the day for a quick date, and 6 months ago there's no way we could've done that...anyway-the davises love veronica. very much. and it's very true that we're not sure what we'll do when we can't keep her anymore!!! i'm in the next room listening to you two read to each other right now. and by "read to each other" i mean she reads a book and you interject a babble here and there while pointing to things on the page, then look up at her to make sure she understand what you're telling her...i love it.

here are two videos of you laughing at daddy. he was spinning around and yelling and then he would fall down beside you. you thought it was just great. you two are funny=)

love you babe!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall fun

hi love=)

we have had a great fall so far! a few weeks ago when daddy was in brazil we took a girl trip to the lake. we got to see lots of family and it was so much fun=) then for jessica's birthday we went to ashland berry farm and picked out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. you had lots of fun and probably the best part was how you rocked your striped sweater with matching mittens and (my favorite) a hat. what a cutie pie you are. on a not so fun note, you got the flu this past week! i kinda figured it was inevitable, and you've done really well with it-not a severe case at all. we started you on tamiflu as soon as your fever started and you're already so much better! you're in there right now with daddy eating bananas and banana puffs (you're doing SO GREAT learning how to eat!!!). i love you sweet angel. you're becoming more and more fun as you go from one phase to the next. you're quite the little light in our lives...here are some photos from our recent festivities!

you and grandmama (and piglet!)

little cuteness on the boat

driving the boat with grandaddy

you really wanted to touch sweet hazel!

playing with aunt nikki

reading with gigi (you LOOOOOOVE books!)

i love this sweet little face. you're concentrating so hard!

laughing with aunt elaine

this face cracks me up.

pretty girl clapping!

beautiful baby hazel! we LOVED seeing how much she's grown!

so cute! you and jackson admiring hazel...

playing "ride a little horsey" with gigi

you love aunt nikki!

it was quite the adventure getting pictures of you and little hazel together!

you developed a deep affection for elmo on this lake trip...

i wish we had a picture of everybody behind the camera trying to make you two laugh...we are acting like complete idiots. you were loving it. hazel was just hungry and would not be entertained by us!

i like sweet hazel's toes in this one.

"what's wrong with little hazel! help her!"

snugglin with scout=)

chewing on the couch cushion

already a diva

you are so beautiful! i love how happy you are here=)

fun with daddy

giving daddy bunny ears. definitely not on purpose.

precious little angel=)

you weren't sure about all this...

mama getting some sweet love

daddy, me, you, daryl, sara, jessica and jeff at the pumpkin patch!

i like this one just because sara and daryl are smooching in the background!

i don't even know what to say about this. you are so precious!