Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stacey and ronna's wedding=)

hi love=)

the trip to oklahoma was great! we had gorgeous weather and it was a beautiful wedding and so wonderful to spend time with such sweet friends. what an honor to share such a special day with stacey and ronna. they are precious people who are shamelessly devoted to following Jesus and honoring Him with their lives. on somewhat of a side note, here is their favorite charity...

you did really well on the plane. you slept for most of the long flights, and i thought that was very sweet of you to wait until then to take your big naps=) there were a few times it seemed like your ears were hurting (or maybe there was some other reason you were fussy) but of course you won't suck on anything so we didn't know how to help you. daddy would try to let you chew on his hand (you do that sometimes) but it didn't really work. thankfully, nobody on the plane was noticeably irritated and it all went by very fast! you were very well behaved during the wedding and you seemed to like the whole ordeal. you and daddy stood in front of a big wooden cross during the ceremony and halfway through you turned around and started wanting to grab at it and eventually you started talking a little too he passed you off to me. they were super laid back and couldn't care less if the kids needed to go sit down at any point during the wedding, so it all worked out well=)

you learned how to give us kisses while we were on the trip. i can't tell you how happy this makes me=) after a few times of me saying "can i have a kiss" and making kissy noises you will look at me and lean in with your mouth open wide and tongue poked out a little and lay one on me. i love it so much. and the other newest thing you've done is master your m and b sounds. at first your cry would just basically be you yelling "mmmmba mmmmba" and now when you're playing you'll just say "mmmmba" when you're talking to yourself. it's pretty cute.

here are some pictures from the trip. it really was great. i'm so thankful for the friendships we have with daddy's friends from college-spending time with them reminds me that he is pretty great too. does that make sense? that for him to have such incredible friends, he must be pretty high caliber as well. i obviously can't say enough how much i adore stacey and ronna-and we loved spending time with bryan and alicia too. talking with all of them was really encouraging and we felt very loved just by being with them. and they were so excited to hang out with you=) stacey and ronna are obviously big "kid" people (you'd have to be to have 6 kids in your wedding...) and i really hope in the pictures you can see how bryan's face lit up when he was with you. or watching you. or talking about you. he needs to be a dad soon for sure;) and with alicia as their mama, those children will no doubt be incredibly beautiful! ok. on with the pictures.

a little unsure about the plane ride at first...

starting to come around

you were super cute looking out the window...

wreaking havoc in the newark airport (we had a little "poop incident" so you were no longer wearing any pants...)

i love that little mischievous face

always with the tongue out=)

"look mom! another boy to play with!"

are you head-butting him? i don't even know what to say about this one.

watching the rehearsal

the beautiful bride with her daddy

bryan playing with you during the rehearsal

sweet ronna and stacey=) (see that scar on stacey's hand? he plays semi-pro hockey. he's super intense about it. i couldn't even look at the picture of him getting into a fight during a game. but it happens, apparently...and it doesn't change the fact that he might be the nicest person i've ever met)

oh man i loved stacey's dad so much. he's a super cute man. look at him laughing!

my girl flirting. as usual.

you are the cutest thing i've ever seen. hands down. stacey insisted you keep gilly with you during the actual wedding too.

"who? me?"

flirty mcflirterson

the gorgeous house where they got married!

watching a little football with daddy before the wedding

my sweet girl in her tutu=)

you two looking like a million bucks.

i told him you knew how to give kisses now and this is all he did all day.

lamont hiebert sang in their wedding. he's the lead singer of ten shekel shirt. and their friend from college.

i think they might be the best looking couple i've ever seen.

isn't she the cutest?

the wedding party in their sea of yellow and blue and white

the only family photo we took that weekend...

and this one. which we think is hilarious because your crying face is super funny.

daddy had been slobbering all over your hair which was disgusting. but then we gave you a mohawk and you were cute as ever. minus the stinky hair.

alicia, bryan, stacey, ronna, me, you and daddy

first dance=)

i love this. i probably don't have to explain why.

nosy little thing. pretty happy about getting into mommy's purse.

the happy couple went out to eat with us sunday morning before they headed off to texas for stacey to start playing with his new team...we felt very privileged=)

they look pretty happy to me!

they love you sweet girl. they have been faithful friends in celebrating your life with us!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

learning how to clap

hi babe!
you learned how to clap today. we had been holding your hands and clapping for you, but today you did it by yourself. it's pretty cute and we're super proud of you.

stacey and ronna are getting married saturday! they are dear friends. stacey was daddy's roommate all 4 years in college and he's one of the coolest people i know. i wish we lived closer to them because i would beg ronna to be my best friend. i love her story. she's really great. i have probably been a little too excited about them finding each other;) we love them and miss them so much. they came to see us a couple weeks after we found out we were pregnant with a sweet little sick girl in my tummy, and i loved that time with them. they painted our living room and dining room and worked their little tails off so the pregnant lady could "avoid the fumes" or whatever my excuse was;) so anyway we head to oklahoma tomorrow. it's your first plane ride and we're very excited. but a little nervous too since you've recently discovered your voice and have found it very gratifying to hear yourself cry. the people on that plane are in for a treat;)
here are some pictures of some things we've done lately. our favorite is going to the park we discovered down the road. a few weekends ago daddy and i started pushing you in your stroller to the park and we would play and play. there is a real chance we like it more than you do, but i think you'll come around before too long...
i love you. i can't wait to see you in your little yellow tutu standing up there with daddy at the front of the church watching these people we love getting married...what a great day saturday will be=)

peeking over the side of your pack-n-play...watching mommy on the computer

you love the new jogging stroller!

oh man. what a cutie pie.

you and daddy swinging

you liked playing with this thing the best=)

you tried to scoot one little hip down the slide to daddy but hold on at the same time with your hand. we think you are super cute=)

you love riding on daddy's shoulders!

i love these two=)

my two little goofs

you lean over and rest your head on his when you get tired up there=)

you have discovered the buttons on the television! (this is daddy's favorite outfit on you. he went to your closet and picked it out himself. he also thinks it's hilarious when you start changing the settings on the tv.)

i love your little feet in this picture. you cross your ankles and rub your little feet together all the time, whether you're awake or asleep!

you thought it was very important that you get over to that bubble blower as soon as possible (this is one of mommy's favorite things that you wear: a shirt, a diaper, and your pink converse)

you had fun trying out your new big girl car seat!

sweet girl reading your book=)