Wednesday, August 10, 2011

all settled

hi love=)

we've been in our house for 2 weeks now and we love it!!! daddy and i both tend to focus on nothing else but making the house the way we want it until it's done, so the boxes were gone within a few days and now everything seems to be in place. we have lots of plans we'll eventually get to, but it's pretty perfect for now=) here's a picture of you sleeping in your big girl bed on the first morning in your new house...your new bed was the only piece of furniture in the house at this point...the movers came about 3 hours later...

and here's your room now=)

and here you are with hazel seeing what all of your dress-up clothes think of your new house. well, you are. hazel looks normal but equally precious=)

next week we start our new jobs and you start your new school. and also next week you turn 3. i can't believe it and we are so excited to celebrate our sweet girl's first 3 years of life=)

love you sweet angel=) i'm going to enjoy my last week having you as a 2-year-old=)