Monday, July 20, 2009

i guess i changed the blog???

hi baby=)

tonight i changed the background of your blog. no big deal, right? well, to any normal person i guess that would be the case. not so for your mommy, sweet girl. first of all, let me say that it has taken me this long to figure out how to actually do this (thanks to my sweet friend abby who has pulled me out of the stone age). why is this so difficult for me, you might ask??? i've been trying to figure out the same thing. for one, maybe it's because i'm outrageously indecisive. and fickle. so i can't make my mind up about things, and when i finally do i fear i'll change my mind 3 days later. "it's a blog, for crying out loud" i tell myself. there are much more important things than what background i choose. but that doesn't help any. maybe i'm a little sentimental that i chose that super plain and simple blogspot background when i first started writing you letters, and i don't want to change it. whatever. i've come to the conclusion that i can indeed be fickle when it comes to this, and i'll change it in 3 days if i want. so tonight i picked a background with a cute little bird on it. the same birds are on your bedding in your crib and i think they're super cute. and to decrease my risk of sounding completely nuts, i'll end this letter now=)

i love you sweet girl. you have 9 teeth now and are about to take off like a rocket crawling across the room...we've got some baby-proofing to do=)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

another mommy-catherine photo shoot=)

hi baby=)

when gigi and grandaddy were here, daddy and josh and you and me took them to pony pasture. daddy took his camera again...therefore, there are tons of great pictures of you and me...i love it when he does this=)

daddy was making me laugh while you were trying to sleep!

getting sleepy-look at that bottom lip!

i was happy with sweet baby on my chest

we had our own little rock=)

pretty girl with your blue eyes=)

just making sure mommy was still holding you=)

i love this face=)

you liked the wind blowing on you!

my favorite part of this picture is how you're grabbing your foot=)

beautiful girl=)

happy to be at the river!

all smiles before you got sleepy=)

josh and me with our matching shorts-and smiling baby=)

gigi and grandaddy loved the river too!

tooth factory, july 4th, and other things...

hey baby=)

so you're a teeth-producing machine. we just noticed your 8th tooth today! it's your first top left molar. that explains a lot from this week-drooling and grumps and poops and a low-grade if we could only get you eating and making use of this mouth full of teeth...;)

gigi and grandaddy came to visit. this was originally for mommy to get more clinical hours in for school, but i think they would've come even if my school wasn't in the picture. they like you=) and you're liking them a lot too-it's fun watching you start to recognize them. our favorite thing was to get them to come into your room first thing in the morning when you were waking up-and we'd watch you look over at them peeking in the door and get this huge grin on your started reaching out for them too which they were loving=) they babysat while mommy and daddy went to work and school one day, then on july 4th they got you all to themselves for me and your daddy to go tubing down the james river with some of our friends. you were perfect and even though i had my cell phone zip-locked up nice and dry along the river, there were no frantic phone calls=) gigi and grandaddy are pro's for sure, but you're a little complex so we couldn't help but be on high alert...they helped us get the invitations ready for your birthday party. we can't wait=) you, being the princess that you are, are getting two first birthday parties! one is in georgia on august 9th, and one is here in richmond on august 22. (to all you catherine fans: if you're interested in coming, please let me know at it's a bit of a free-for-all for anybody wants to meet her and we'd love to have any of you there!!) miss christi made you a 1st birthday outfit-complete with hat and bib (and bows and extra shirt, but who's counting, really;)) and it's outrageously adorable. we've started trying the hat on you so maybe you'll be used to it by the time you have to wear it;)

you've started playing this game with us where you'll be biting on a toy and we'll lean down and bite it and take it out of your mouth and you crack up and we give it back to you and you bite it with a big grin on your face and we go back and forth...this morning it was with your little bath time squirt turtle and even though i accidentally bit it with the spout hole facing you and squirted water all over your face, you quickly forgave me and started laughing again and reaching out your head with your mouth wide open so it could be your turn again. you are the most fun sweet baby=)

guess what. little miss charlotte mae dockery was born this week. you remember eden who came up with your nickname cafery?? charlotte is her little sister. you two have the same initials and get to share pretty monogrammed things, which her mama and i are pretty excited about=) she is beautiful with a beautiful mama. and she is a lucky girl who has been born into an incredible family.
so you're sitting next to me while i'm typing this and just now you leaned over and got in front of the computer and started banging on keys. i thought it would be cute to see what you typed and then keep it on here...and it was cute until you somehow exited out of this screen and i thought you had erased everything i just typed. no worries-i found it and we'll wait for another day for you to share your thoughts with the mass public...

you've started to constantly roll from your back to your front and get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth...then you start grinning like mad and you look like you're pretty proud of yourself. it's super cute and we're pretty proud of you too. the doctors said you would probably be behind on gross motor stuff until about 18 months so we're pumped that you're about to crawl and when we help you you'll stand up really well if you have something to hold on to. my little girl who defies the odds...

we're in your room on the big bed together and daddy is across the hall in his office...he keeps singing really loud and you stop what you're doing and look toward the door like you're waiting for him to walk in and sing to you. so i yell to him that you're looking for him and he runs in here to witness for himself that you are indeed his biggest fan=)

i didn't actually intend for this to become a play-by-play of what you're doing today, but that's what it's ended up being. i didn't think you'd mind=)
and one last thing. you're off the ventilator during the day and just on cpap at night. so that's pretty exciting=)
love you sweet girl-
your first bath in the big bath tub=)

getting you ready to wear the hat of all hats=) (hey look at our kitchen ceiling...isn't it AWESOME!?!?)

you paid no attention to the fireworks at first (but daddy and grandaddy appear equally mesmerized=))

you finally got interested in the fireworks during the finale-loud and bright and you didn't seem to mind too much=)

you and monte in deep conversation

and now y'all are just flirting

you playing with uncle josh

cutie pie=)

monte and josh are enjoying your toy more than you are.

you loving daryl

you and the flock of men you attract=)

jeff and daddy in the backyard playing july 4th games...

what a tongue=)

you were focusing pretty hard on that toy

josh helping you stand up and hold on to the ottoman.

daddy and josh cheering you on to crawl=)

look at your curly cues growing=)

you and grandaddy sharing in the excitement that you got on your hands and knees=)

walking around on daddy's shoulders at the boathouse restaurant.

you weren't sure how you felt about the geese.

so proud of yourself!

sweet girl=)

we went to the boathouse restaurant for grandaddy's birthday=)

grandaddy finally got you smiling for a picture.

family photo on the dock.

megan and lindsay (two of your nicu nurses) came to visit=)