Thursday, September 2, 2010

birthday party...catherine is 2!!!

hey sweet princess=) here are some pictures and videos from your elmo birthday party at gigi and granddaddy's house. we had lots of fun! you weren't so sure at first about everybody singing happy birthday to got so scared!! but you got over it quickly and realized the cake was worth it and the icing was delicious!!!!! before i show you the pictures and videos, i wanted to tell you a few of my favorite things you're doing lately:

~when you see pictures of penguins, you say "pennies"
~you found our old baby einstein videos and you call them "baby fine-fine"
~we were looking at some pictures of our cousin's sweet new girlfriend...when we got to one looking at her from behind while she was looking out at the ocean (in a bathing suit) you said "HINEY!" and got really excited=)
~we finally gave in and bought you your own little potty. you sit on it and grunt and push and it's hilarious. you tee-tee in it once or twice a day and are very proud of yourself! we are proud of you too!
~pillow is "pedal" and yellow is "yadow"
~you know the game "pee-pie" kinda like peek-a-boo? when we play it and you say "POO-PIE!" ~you call diapers "boppers" and i can't get enough of it. you always tell me who's on your diaper-it used to be elmo and you got upset when we started buying mickey mouse diapers instead...but you're on board now and tell me "MEE-MOUSE!" when i tell you it's time to change your diaper=)

there's the update for now=) you were a sweet sweet girl at your party-my grandmother kept saying she didn't know another 2 year old who was so patient opening presents one by one and not playing with them until the end. i think she's biased, but i am too, so i'll take it=)

i love you my sweet 2 year old girl=) enjoy your pictures!


sweet cousin hazel=)

sweet addy with the famous curly hair=)

catherine and jackson giving sweet kisses.

uncle keith and their new puppy

checking out some gifts.

you loved your elmo birthday party!

i included this one because i think your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!

laughing with your elmo balloon=)

grandypa is here!

catherine playing with the boys.

miley and miss christi!

not AT ALL sure about your birthday cake.

or the candle...

or everybody singing "happy birthday" to you...

or everybody clapping for you!

mommy was happy to come snuggle you=)

and you decided maybe it wasn't so bad...

"mmmm. this is actually pretty tasty."


gettin' down to business.

this cake business is not so bad!!

waiting patiently to open presents=)

i love how you always curl your toes and snuggle your feet together.

cutie pants. and those toes again=)

pretty excited about your purse!

your new hello kitty panties=)

this is your excited face=) i love it.

will. i fell in love with this kid.

the excited face again=)

little wonder-filled eyes=)