Wednesday, September 1, 2010

all caught up

ok love. i think i've caught you up on everything from graduation till i passed my i'll tell you what's been going on during the last few weeks...

walt farrell got married!! do you remember mama's friend jennifer who lives with Jesus in heaven? walt is her little brother. he's quite a catch. and his sweet emily just might be worthy of him=) here are some pictures from their wedding day...

you and me. spiffed up. making silly faces in the mirror.

the fam pre-wedding. i'm not sure what you see over there in the corner, but i'm guessing you didn't like it.

you and a new friend dancing like crazy fools at the reception.

you were OUT OF CONTROL on the dance floor-dancing and dancing and laughing and getting everyone else to dance with you...but by the time i went to the car to get my camera, you were pooped out=(

daddy got called out by the band for cheating on the "little bit lower now" part of the song "shout".....i think that just means he wasn't getting they made him go up on stage and dance by himself.

this is a little taste of the moves he displayed up on stage. it looked A LOT like something he might've done at football practice 10 years ago. we were very proud, even though you cried and reached for him on stage the whole time=)
then we got to meet baby luke mahon=) his parents jenny and brian were mommy's friends when she went to clemson, and jenny was one of mommy's bridesmaids in mine and daddy's wedding. luke is a precious little thing and so handsome...we were so happy to meet him and finally get to spend some time with sweet jenny and her family!

catherine loves baby luke!

for some reason i like the pictures that get taken before you're actually posing=)

and here we are posing: jenny, luke, catherine, mommy, and ethan (jenny's nephew)

back at home-hanging out on your turtle=)

why wouldn't you watch diego while sitting in your baby doll's stroller?

sweet girl with her mouth full of food and elmo. still in your baby doll's stroller=)

this is one of my favorite times of the night-after your bath wrapped up in a towel waiting for me to get your pajamas=)


AtlantaMama said...

great pictures!

love the update

Kristy said...

Looking beautiful as ever my friend! I hate we missed Walt's wedding -- being 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time wasn't a good combo with traveling! I can't wait to see you! I'm going to call you when I go in labor!! Love you!