Sunday, August 22, 2010

more fun in georgia

here are some pictures of another trip to see family in georgia. you finally got to meet your great grandparents (grandma donna's parents) that live in texas!!! you three became great friends=) granddaddy (you have two granddaddies-we'll call grandma donna's dad "granddaddy hall") taught you how you can push your nose and it will "move your tongue". you thought it was hilarious!

you and granddaddy hall playing your nose game=)

you and little hazel walking with grandypa.

smelling the flowers=)

you sharing hazel's water with her=)

this is one of my favorite family pictures of us. i think it's pretty funny=)

laughing with aunt nikki and aunt elaine.

mimi and granddaddy hall are so funny!!

uncle keith serenading you=)

daddy is finally winning cousin hazel's heart=)

you and aunt misty. two sassy girls=)

the davis girls=) i am so lucky to call these girls my sisters/niece/daughter!

checkin' out the fish pond with gigi.

grandypa is a goof=)

you did this yourself=) apparently the swimmy diaper looked like a hat to you!

one of my most favorites ever=)

sweet girl going outside to swim in the pool. wearing the bathing suit i wore when i was little=)

you love your "fo-ees" (floaties).

trying to figure out how to give me a "thumbs-up".

"gigi-am i doing it right?"

this is when we grilled out at lake allatoona to send aunt nikki off to costa rica. here you're thinking about playing cards with the group.

this was funny to me. i'm not sure why exactly.

mouth full of applesauce. as usual. you like to swallow your food on your own schedule.

riding around on daddy's back.

this was funny to me too=)

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AtlantaMama said...

love it!!!!!! it was a blessing to see yall! hope she enjoyed a very very happy birthday!