Friday, August 13, 2010

pictures from moving in at clemson...

our sweet families met us in clemson and unloaded the moving van and trucked our stuff up to the third floor...bless 'em. i for one, can say that it was lots of fun and i enjoyed so much all of them being in our new home and making it actually feel like home. your grandypa might disagree, but i thoroughly enjoyed watching him and daddy bring an outrageously heavy entertainment center up the stairs and then directing them to put it here or there. that's actually not true-it made me feel guilty, but all the more appreciative=)

thank you, sweet family. our hearts are happy to be so much closer to all of you=)

you and daddy and grandypa reading bedtime stories.

we put aunt nikki on "catherine-duty". she was great at it, as usual=)

aunt nikki shared catherine-duty with aunt elaine.

reading your books while sitting in your bookshelf.

wanting to share your book with granddaddy=)

riding around in a box is always fun!

uncle keith pushing you around in the box.

the look on your face shows exactly how exciting this book is.

that's better!

hanging out with grandaddy.

you found our tennis rackets in the move. you look like a natural=)

you and uncle nathan singing to each other=)

i love this sweet face.

while the rest of us were moving boxes in, you were sitting in the floor looking at your "catherine's first year" book. it's like a comfort blanket=)

my little thug princess=)

you found the picture of us and the van tongerens and the jennings at the pumpkin patch. it's another comfort blanket i think=)
and here's a video of you learning to do a forward roll in our new apartment...

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