Monday, August 9, 2010

i'm back.


i'm back=) mommy was spending lots of time in the library studying and you've been hanging out with daddy all day every day. you two have been very happy, but mommy has not enjoyed it one bit! but mommy passed her board exam last weekend (hooray that mommy is now a certified pediatric nurse practitioner!), so now i get to hang out with you two again and i can return to keeping you posted on your life, blog-style. i feel like there's a ton to catch you up on. here i go, in stream of consciousness, of course. i just don't know any other way.

you're talking like crazy. you've finally entered the verbal world of 2 and 3 words at a time. when i'm pushing you in the shopping cart you'll be content for a while and then you start reaching for me and saying "mommy hold the baby!" wanting me to pick you up out of the cart. i find it hilarious. i honestly didn't know what you were talking about at first-i was looking around for a baby doll that you wanted to play with-but were talking about yourself=)

you say hi to EVERYBODY!!! and everything, actually. you'll wave at people on the street or in restaurants as long as it takes until they notice you and wave back. sometimes you pinch mommy's leg (we're working on getting you to stop that...) and then when i tell you that you can't pinch mommy, you kiss my legs and then pat them and then say "hi!" while you wave at them. and the best part is that you say "hi" like ross on friends. i happen to have an unnatural obsession with that tv show so i love that you sound like him. but it's not a sad "hi", it's a happy and excited one. somehow you still make it sound like depressed ross, and i am so glad.

every morning i ask you if you had sweet dreams (you always say yes) and what did you dream look around thinking for a minute and usually you say "fishies." sometimes it's elmo and this morning it was pearl and fishies and swimming. daddy and i always wonder what you think you're talking about. we love it=)

you do love swimming, actually. daddy is good at "gently pushing" you to make you become a better little swimmer. you're not afraid of getting your head wet or going underwater for a second. you "jump" off the side of the pool to us (basically you just lean forward like you're gonna do a belly flop and we catch you right before you hit the water) and you'll push yourself off the steps and swim to whoever is standing in the middle of the shallow end. you actually jumped off the diving board like a crazy person (actually, like your cousin jackson who had just done the same thing). granddaddy was right there to catch you and you thought it was the most fun. here are a couple videos of you in the pool...

the other night we were reading from your Jesus Storybook Bible, and you were looking at a picture of the three crosses. i told you that Jesus died on that cross for us so that we could live forever in heaven. you looked at the picture for a minute and then said quietly in your sweet voice "....heaven." i thought i might explode right there on the guest bed. hearing you talk about the place i thought you might go to just as soon as you were born. the place where Jesus is. where there is no pain. and everything and everyone is beautiful and clean and completely redeemed. watching you look at that picture and then say that word made it seem like you just might be starting to get it. i know-you're only almost 2. (you're almost 2! that's exciting.) and you repeat everything we say-whether that be "heaven" or "boogar". but i guess my mama heart wants nothing more than for you to know Jesus intimately and love Him deeply. so i got excited. i can't help it.

i know there's lots more i could tell you, but i'm gonna just show you pictures instead. you've learned so much and spent lots of time with family and you really are loving our new little home in south carolina. oh-and mommy got the job(s) she wanted. for the fall semester i will be a clinical instructor in labor and delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery for clemson's school of nursing, and in october i'll start working as a pediatric nurse practitioner at blue ridge pediatrics in seneca. look how official i am;)

ok. i love you baby. i can't get over how good you smell all the time and i just want to kiss you and kiss you and kiss you. there are literally over 500 pictures to choose from since we've moved (and i can only do so much while you're napping...), and i've decided to show them to you in stages over the next few stay tuned=)



The Hankinson's said...

GO girl go!!! so happy to hear you passed your test! congrats!!!! and look at lil' Catherine just growing, learning and talking like a rock star! So proud of her! Glad to hear things are going well in SC! Congrats on the job(s) too!

April said...

CONGRATS Katie!!! So proud of you for the NP thing. :) And that's a great family photo on the website. Good Luck!

Kristy said...

I cannot believe that little stinker is almost 2!!!! I am so proud of her mama as well for getting a job she wanted! Honey, why don't you come down to Lexington in September and be my labor :) Love you and can't wait to see you!

Abby and Pete said...

so happy and proud of catherine and mommy!

carolineb said...

Lots of letters after your name, I love it.

Renee said...

Congratulations!! That is so awesome you passed (no surprise!) and are now a bonafide NP! what a smarty pants you are :) and i love all the updates on little Catherine. please, PLEASE get her on tape saying the Ross "hi". sounds so funny! what a silly and sweet little (almost) 2 year old you've got!

Hannah D said...

YAHOO on passing your exams :) Not that I had a single doubt in my mind that you would!!! Your baby girl is just so, so beautiful and I cannot wait to love on her (and YOU!!!!) in a few weeks when we get to celebrate her being a BIG 2 YEAR OLD!

Love you sweet friend :)