Thursday, August 12, 2010

pictures from leaving virginia...

hi babe=) here are some pictures from when we were leaving virginia. our sweet friends helped us pack and load the truck and then met us at our house the morning we left to give us hugs and donuts and sweet cards and tell us they love us. we miss them so much, don't we? there are cards from sara and daryl and betsy on the fridge and a few times a week you go get one of the cards and have me read it to you, then you go over to the picture of us with sara and daryl and jeff and jessica at the pumpkin patch and just stare at them. it would almost be sad if it wasn't so cute.

just so you know, i have filtered through the 500+ pictures and somewhat organized them into trips or activities or something like plan is to give you a big handful each day until i've shown them all to you...bear with me.

we had a fun send-off party at work the last week i was there...

i finally got a recipe book from the kitchen of mrs kristen hewett=)

all of my goodies from my friends in labor and delivery...they know me well=)

that's my man. ready to pack up the house.

you and daddy on father's day-right before we left virginia

happy father's day!

some of our small group at church the last sunday we were there...

jessica and ava. two of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen=)

" what are you doin' up there, ava?"

sweet ava kate=)

pillow fight, i think.

one of my favorite family photos. i don't know why.

you found lots of ways to entertain yourself while we packed. this is you with your skirt and pompoms=)

you will definitely miss all those closets in our old house! you loved hiding in them=)

the last night in our house we just slept on mattresses. you thought it was great=)

isaiah wanted a baby doll. so gigi gave him one=)

having fun in the only chair left in our house.

isaiah man came to play while we were loading the truck. i'm not sure why daddy's nerf gun was still laying around...

sweet ava baby came to say goodbye!

you and miss jessica having fun=)


getting into trouble.

my sweet girls. jessica, me, and sara. (see how sweaty mommy was? not that that's too out of the ordinary for me, but it was blazing hot loading the truck! it was triple digits the day we moved to virginia, and triple digits the day we left.)

you waving bye-bye to ava kate.

daddy gets pretty giddy about sleeping in the same bed with you.

you and daddy saying bye-bye to your old room.

you decided it might be ok to leave.

catherine, daddy, daryl, sara, betsy, mommy. we love these people very much.

betsy, mama, sara. i miss my sweet friends!

you, perched on daddy's shoulders, holding on tight to your card from sara and daryl.

miss veronica came the morning of our last day there. she had to say goodbye to her ladybug!


Anonymous said...

So sweet :)

Erin said...

Goodbyes are so hard. We like to call them "see you laters".
Love you,friend. I praise Jesus that Catherine is almost 2 years old! Wow! Now that is what I call a MIRACLE! Love me some Jesus!