Wednesday, August 18, 2010

children's museum

hi love=)

here are some pictures from when we went to the children's museum in greenville. rachel invited us to go with her and her friend roz, and roz's two sons landon and lawton. we had lots of fun!

driving the racecar!

when you put the ball in that hole you could watch it go through all the tubes. you thought it was very cool=)

checking yourself out in the funny mirrors=)

shopping in the pretend grocery store.

sliding down the stomach slide. it made "authentic gastrointestinal noises" and was pretty funny=)

not sure what to do with these=) don't worry-mommy doesn't either.

sweet girl feeding the fake pigs=)

i love this sweet face=)

playing in the water.

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Kristy said...

Bring her to the Columbia Children's Museum (EdVenture) next!! :)