Saturday, August 14, 2010

exploring clemson

we spent the first week in south carolina exlporing clemson. lots of restaurants and parks and walking along the lake and playing in bowman field. bowman field is a big grassy area on clemson university's campus and is honestly the main reason mommy wanted to go to clemson for college. people go there to sunbathe and play soccer and frisbee and lay around and's great fun. it did not disappoint once i got there, and you seem to like it too!

you wanted to follow everybody you saw walking across bowman field. first it was that group of 5 guys, then it was this random man going the other direction.

you took off practically sprinting wanting to see these people sitting on a bench. we don't know them, but luckily they are kid-friendly people and they thought you were fun.

this is one of my favorite pictures=)

happy girl=)

see? that's bowman field! isn't it great?

fun in your new bathtub.

sara and daryl came to visit!!! we were so excited!!!

you and daryl having a tea party in your new hallway=)

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