Tuesday, August 17, 2010

more fun at the lake!

hi babe=)

here are some pictures from another trip to the lake and when we visited grandmama and papa...

a week or two after this visit papa found out he has stage 4 prostate cancer=( we are so sad but eager to pray for God's peace and healing for this sweet man we get to call family=)

reading with gigi and grandaddy at the lake=)

grandmama introducing you to one of the baby dolls at her house=)

playing "pee-pie!" with papa=)

you two are pleased with each other, it seems=)

blowing grandmama kisses=)

kisses for grandmama!

catching your first fish with gigi!

you were sick with your first G-tube stoma infection=( and hanging out with daddy on the hammock.

josh came to visit us at the lake=) you were very happy to see him!

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