Saturday, August 14, 2010

at the lake for july 4th...

we went to the lake for july 4th and had lots of fun! it was the first time you had been to the lake since your trach hole was closed, so we loved getting you in the water and not worrying about it getting in your lungs! here are some pictures=)

swimming with daddy!

i love this picture of anna cate=)

your uncle matthew=) we're so proud.

watching you, probably=)

i love that little booty that's hanging out=)

Lord have mercy.

we were so glad to have sara and daryl (and dakota!) there with us!

anna cate teaching you important things.

you and sweet ac

anna cate reading to you and gigi

sweet girl loves the water!

telling "secrets" to daddy. this means you're telling him you love him.

"helping" grandmother peel potatoes=)

fixin' stuff with your tools=)

yourn 4th of july get-up.

i think this face is funny=)

you and dakota, your favorite dog=)

i think you two are scheming=)

happy girl=)

playing with grandmother=)

you and anna cate being cutie pies. sharing some cheese=)

hangin' out in the tent.

you and uncle matthew=)

sweet cousins caleb, anna cate, catherine, and emma.

laughing with cousin sarah!

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