Tuesday, October 18, 2011

food...and a wedding

i have been a royal failure at this letter-writing/blog-posting business over the last few months. i blame it on the harder than anticipated transition to atlanta. (but it's getting easier! yay!) we do little things here and there and i used to be good at posting pictures as we do things, but not so much here lately. i will try to be better.

i was also thinking about how i am not good at making "lists" of what you're doing at different ages. you know how sometimes moms will make a list of what their kid is doing at 4 months or 12 months and stuff like that? i'm not good at it. i think it stresses me out to make an all-inclusive list that will most definitely not be all-inclusive. i will inevitably forget things. it's the perfectionist in me and i'm fighting her every day. but the subject of you and food is always on our minds, so the other day i thought i could make a list of some of your favorite foods as of late (notice i said "some" of your favorite foods...which makes it ok if i forget some items...this perfectionism is a sickness i think...) but here it is, nonetheless...

catherine's favorite foods at 3 years old:

-mushrooms. always always mushrooms. everything i make, you will ask me if there are mushrooms in it.
-broccoli. you eat this like candy. at grandypa's house a month or two ago you kept dipping broccoli in mashed potatoes and eating it like an ice cream cone. that-a-girl=)
-grapes. one of your favorite things to do is eat grapes and call gigi. we did it once and now you think that if we are gonna be eating grapes, we need to be talking to gigi. gigi likes this.
-lollipops. lots of items have come and gone from your favorite food list (beans, in particular; you tell me that you don't like them anymore) but lollipops have been an ever present item.
-asparagus. you eat them like french fries.
-green beans. you also eat these like french fries.
-french fries. you eat them like french fries=)
-chicken wings. this makes your parents so happy. you eat these like a trucker-not leaving a single smidgen of meat on the bone. this is also how your daddy eats chicken wings.
-spaghettios. because sometimes mama needs a break from cooking.
-graham crackers.
-scrambled eggs. this is another one of the few items that have been on the list since you first started eating real food.
-you like to "lick gum". you eventually ask me if you can chew it, but mostly you know i only want you to lick it.
-water. you won't drink much of anything else.
-puffs. those baby puffs. you love 'em. you used to steal all of max's puffs every time we'd be in their apartment. they probably keep their pantry stocked for longer now that we don't live upstairs...but that makes me sad=(

and the only thing that has consistently been OFF your favorite food list is:
-onions. i hear ya sister.

and there you have it. a list of "some" of catherine's favorite foods at 3 years 2 months old=)

love you baby girl. and i'm still so proud of you for eating. daddy and i can't get over it sometimes=)


ps. blog posts without pictures make me sad. so here are some pictures from when we went to erin sutton's wedding back in july. it was outside, in birmingham, and as i mentioned before, it was july. we were very very hot. but we had lots of fun seeing lots of family friends and hanging out with the davis side of our family. love 'em. don't seem them nearly enough. and here are some pictures:
you and aunt misty

the davis "kids": your aunt elaine, uncle keith, you, your mama, your daddy, aunt nikki, aunt misty, cousin hazel and uncle kelly

i thought this picture was appropriate for the post about food, considering you have some getting ready to fall out of your mouth...

you and me. and mama debbie behind me. shaking our groove things in the conga line=) look how excited you are!! you definitely love to dance. daddy always says, "that girl loves to dance. just like her mama. we're in trouble."