Saturday, July 11, 2009

another mommy-catherine photo shoot=)

hi baby=)

when gigi and grandaddy were here, daddy and josh and you and me took them to pony pasture. daddy took his camera again...therefore, there are tons of great pictures of you and me...i love it when he does this=)

daddy was making me laugh while you were trying to sleep!

getting sleepy-look at that bottom lip!

i was happy with sweet baby on my chest

we had our own little rock=)

pretty girl with your blue eyes=)

just making sure mommy was still holding you=)

i love this face=)

you liked the wind blowing on you!

my favorite part of this picture is how you're grabbing your foot=)

beautiful girl=)

happy to be at the river!

all smiles before you got sleepy=)

josh and me with our matching shorts-and smiling baby=)

gigi and grandaddy loved the river too!


Whirlwind said...

Beautiful pictures. Catherine is such a sweet little girl! I left you guys something on my blog today.

sjefferson said...

So, so cute! Can't wait to see you guys in August! By the way, Curtis and I had the very best time having dinner with Nathan and your grandmother! So great to catch up with Nathan.

Cynthia Cooley said...

SUCH great pictures!!!! PRECIOUS!!!

AtlantaMama said...

two BEAUTIFUL girls! (And I love that fammil;y shot with your parents too!) CUTE!!!

ShannaRenee said...

someone loves their Mama lots and lots! these pictures are simply beautiful!

Emilie Smith said...

LOVE IT! These are so fun...she is so sweet and cuddly!

Scott and Katie said...

She's so beautiful. Rileigh has that same dress.

Brooke Hammel said...

Katie you are so pretty! You and that baby girl... so beautiful. Can't wait to see you/meet you both again next month. Take care.

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Beautiful! I'm so happy to see pictures of your family getting out and enjoying yourselves.

Catherine looks great and she's getting sooo big! Almost one year old :)

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

My favorite part of your face Catherine is your beautiful eyebrows! Two pretty girls!

Keith said...

I'm glad Catherine loves that river as much as I do. I went down there a few times when I was staying at Jeff and Jessica's house. I feel Catherine and I are going to be good friends!!