Saturday, September 19, 2009

learning how to clap

hi babe!
you learned how to clap today. we had been holding your hands and clapping for you, but today you did it by yourself. it's pretty cute and we're super proud of you.

stacey and ronna are getting married saturday! they are dear friends. stacey was daddy's roommate all 4 years in college and he's one of the coolest people i know. i wish we lived closer to them because i would beg ronna to be my best friend. i love her story. she's really great. i have probably been a little too excited about them finding each other;) we love them and miss them so much. they came to see us a couple weeks after we found out we were pregnant with a sweet little sick girl in my tummy, and i loved that time with them. they painted our living room and dining room and worked their little tails off so the pregnant lady could "avoid the fumes" or whatever my excuse was;) so anyway we head to oklahoma tomorrow. it's your first plane ride and we're very excited. but a little nervous too since you've recently discovered your voice and have found it very gratifying to hear yourself cry. the people on that plane are in for a treat;)
here are some pictures of some things we've done lately. our favorite is going to the park we discovered down the road. a few weekends ago daddy and i started pushing you in your stroller to the park and we would play and play. there is a real chance we like it more than you do, but i think you'll come around before too long...
i love you. i can't wait to see you in your little yellow tutu standing up there with daddy at the front of the church watching these people we love getting married...what a great day saturday will be=)

peeking over the side of your pack-n-play...watching mommy on the computer

you love the new jogging stroller!

oh man. what a cutie pie.

you and daddy swinging

you liked playing with this thing the best=)

you tried to scoot one little hip down the slide to daddy but hold on at the same time with your hand. we think you are super cute=)

you love riding on daddy's shoulders!

i love these two=)

my two little goofs

you lean over and rest your head on his when you get tired up there=)

you have discovered the buttons on the television! (this is daddy's favorite outfit on you. he went to your closet and picked it out himself. he also thinks it's hilarious when you start changing the settings on the tv.)

i love your little feet in this picture. you cross your ankles and rub your little feet together all the time, whether you're awake or asleep!

you thought it was very important that you get over to that bubble blower as soon as possible (this is one of mommy's favorite things that you wear: a shirt, a diaper, and your pink converse)

you had fun trying out your new big girl car seat!

sweet girl reading your book=)


Erin said...

Can't wait to see pics of the wedding. :) Miss you and love you.

The Madsens said...

I love all the new pictures! We have a park right outside of our neighborhood with those fun, red swings and we enjoy swinging on them too. The foot rubbing is precious.

Renee said...

awwwww......the story of her rubbing her feet together is SOOOOO cute! i love how little babies have their own little habits and unique traits. this one is super adorable!

Cathy said...

She is so sweet, excellent clapping! Also, love the rubbing feet=)

Jenny said...

She is a miracle twice over! But, you already knew that. Thanks for sharing the pics!

I am Erin's sis by the way:)

Abby and Pete said...

loving seeing her in action! so glad she is doing so well.

Misty Davis said...

Oh my...she is cute! Catherine- Aunt Misty rubs her feet together too. We're gonna be best friends. Love y'all!

Emilie Smith said...

She is so, so cute! I love these pictures...I think one of my most favorites is the one of you and Catherine on the swing. That's a fun one! Have fun in Oklahoma!

AtlantaMama said...

oh my word, she is doing AMAZING! I love the video and the CLAPS!! WAY TO GO SWEET BABY! And all of the pictures of yall playing on the playground together are just TOO CUTE! LOVE THESE! Can you believe it's time for the BIG car seat already?! She's growing...