Friday, February 19, 2010

18 months old!

hi baby girl!

you're 18 months old today. i can't believe it. you are the coolest little kid and the most fun to be around. you're a frilly little girl but super tough at the same time. it kinda makes me sad that you've had to be so tough, but i'm so proud of you. i remember when they told us in the nicu that you'd be behind until about 18 months and then you should be basically caught up with other kids your age. they seem to be right on. it's pretty funny how in the last 2 weeks you've started to try and say the name of everything that comes across your little path. i really can't even count the number of words you say now. a lot of them just end up being the first syllable, but last night you busted out with "daryl". daryl. seriously? what 18 month old says daryl clearly? and as one of your first words? daryl definitely deserves it though. he's one of your best friends for sure. not to mention he's been on the receiving end of more than one of your really dirty diapers.

gigi has been here this past week letting mommy and daddy get some work and school done. (veronica had to leave us-more on that in a minute...) she's been trying to teach you to say "gigi" but for now she's "beebee". which i love. (she does too) you're a stubborn little thing. you come by that honestly. but i'll be generous and give daddy the majority of credit for you being stubborn. he is just the slightest bit moreso than i am...i'm just being honest.

you like saying cow and duck and sheep and cat and you like telling us what all of those say. you'll sometimes whisper, and sometimes yell "roar" when we ask you what a lion says. you look at me first when anybody tells you anything like you're asking me if it's ok=) you still love bob and elmo ("mo") and big bird and you yell at all of these when they appear on the tv screen or in a book. you kind of whisper "ha" (hot) and shake your hand like you can't touch it when you get closer to our space heater or see a fireplace in your books. you're a smart little boogar. did i mention how proud of you we are?? =)

you love to run around the house checking everything out. especially to "help" me unload the dishwasher. the other day i knew you left the room and a few seconds later i went to follow you and i literally couldn't find you. i kept calling you as i went from room to room looking behind beds and couches, and finally i went into the laundry room and found you standing in front of the dryer wondering what to do with it. little cutie pie. the mirror-covered-walls are still a big hit with you. you come around the corner and plop yourself down in front of the mirrors and start laughing at yourself and giving yourself kisses. another fave is to get into my kitchen drawers and drag out pots and measuring cups. you like to put your stuffed bob the tomato in the measuring cup. i think you're very creative. that's one of the more positive traits you get from daddy=)

so now onto veronica. oh how we miss her. you two love each other very much and she had become such a special part of our little family. i've been avoiding this topic because it's a rather large source of stress these days. or for the past month and a half. i promise not to be dramatic but it's just been no fun. i won't go too far into it because, truthfully, i don't understand it all. but basically you've had, in addition to the insurance we get from mommy's work, a secondary insurance that covered home nursing (veronica) and the feeding clinic, prescriptions and copays, not to mention the medical bills from when you were in the hospital. well they re-evaluate every little kiddo after they turn 1 and it just takes FOREVER (in reality it's probably about 2 or 3 months) to get through the screening process and from one department to the other, etc etc to get us back where we were with your insurance before this whole "re-evaluation" started. so we lost veronica (her company couldn't pay her to take care of you because they wouldn't get reimbursed by insurance) and we wouldn't be able to put you through the feeding program (you're supposed to start march 8) that you so very much need because it would cost $1160 per week and it lasts 8 weeks. needless to say, we can't pay that out of pocket. so after about 2 million phone calls and many many messages left by mommy, we think the feeding program will now be covered. which is fantastic news. but the nursing part isn't fixed yet. and somebody has to be with you for the 8 hours you're there monday through friday and since mommy and daddy have school and work, we're not quite sure how that's gonna happen. but we know that it will work out. not nearly as worried as we were a week ago. don't be bummed out. all will be well.

onto more fun news. daddy found out today that he got matched with an internship site for next year. so monday we will find out where it is that he got matched and where we'll be moving this summer!

in the meantime, enjoy these pictures=)

i love you sweet baby-


one of my favorite pictures of you sleeping.

getting into trouble=) with mommy's make-up in hand, you climbed through the barricade i had created to keep you in the den. you look pretty proud of yourself.

cutest little tooshie i've ever seen.

sitting in the middle of the hallway.


Abby and Pete said...

LOVE the one of her under the chair! what a smile. gorgeous girl and family.

Erin said...

OH NO, NOT VERONICA! Praying for Jesus to send someone else your way. I know y'all loved her.

SO EXCITED for your new family adventure this summer! Cannot wait to hear where God is sending you next.

I love you, friend!

Emma's Mommy said...

She is so beautiful! I've loved following your blog and enjoy reading your updates. Catherine has grown so much and reminds me so much of my own fifteen month old daughter - who also walks around with my make-up in her hand and somehow makes it through barricades that I create :). Aren't they sneaky, yet so much fun?

Cori said...

18 months!! wow! how fun seeing her grow and learn so much. So sad to hear about Veronica and the stress insurance has caused. Will be praying for a quick response and answered prayers. Also, can't wait to hear where "next" will be for your sweet family! love yall so very much!

Chavonne said...

Happy 18 months to her! :)

Emilie Smith said...

I am so excited for tomorrow to find out WHERE!!! She is a CUTIE!!!

twinsplusone said...

still following your precious little girl....she makes me smile knowing prayers work! She is perfect!

twinsplusone said...

still following your precious little girl....she makes me smile knowing prayers work! She is perfect!

Nysewanders said...

I can't believe how big she is! She is beautiful.