Wednesday, March 10, 2010

an update in pictures

hi babe!
not too much has happened lately. just getting ready to live in south carolina (jobs, places to live, etc...). you are as cute as ever and growing and learning and talking more every day. my favorite word you say is "hello". you basically stick your tongue out for a second and say "LLL-O!". i love it. you walk around with my phone or your elmo phone tilting your head and saying "LLL-O!" all day long. you're great with animal sounds. you know that a cat says meow (you say it with a really high-pitched voice) and cow says moo and lion says roar and sheep says baaa and horse says neigh and duck says quack ("cack") and pig says oink. you still love bath time. you sit in the bathtub until the last drop goes down the drain just flapping your arms in the water splashing around as long as you can. you are very curious. yesterday you went all around looking under the couch and the rug and anything else figuring out what's under there. we've been to the park a lot lately-the weather is finally getting warmer!-and you're getting to the point that you'll take off without us. you're also getting a little scared of being on the slide because it's so high. we're actually a little relieved about that. we were worried that you'd never develop a fear of heights! or of anything, for that matter!!! we pushed the start date for the feeding clinic back until march 22. you were off your prevacid for a while and your reflux came back with a vengeance. so to give you some time to get over that (you're over it now), march 22 it is. ok. that's all for now. enjoy your pictures!!

gigi sent you a stuffed bob and larry for valentine's day. you were very excited! bob went everywhere with us for a few days=)

"here mom. let me just help you with this spot."

"i need just a little more."
(don't judge us for the electrical tape over the outlet.)

big girl in your front yard.

can't wait to go to the park!

one of my very faves.

you and gigi chatting while you swing.


before you developed the fear of slides. now you'll only go down one in our laps. we don't mind=)
"MOM! are you gonna get me or what!?"

goodness. i love you.

Cutie McCuterson.

you worked SO HARD (and grunted and whined about it a little) to get your little chair in the big chair. then you climbed right up and sat in it. and you were obviously very proud of yourself!

one of your favorite places to nap. veronica doesn't think it's so bad, either;)


so happy!

"jessica! did you know there's a baby in your tummy??!!"

you and baby girl jennings are already telling secrets.

i swallowed my pride and posted this picture. because, well, it's funny.

i love that little girls don't have to match to have a super cute outfit.
(story behind the ensemble: miss christi sends you clothes that are on sale for the next year. thanks again, sweet friend. daddy gets excited about these clothes and puts them on you right away. i came home from work one morning and found you, in february, sleeping in this short sleeve dress and nothing else. not wanting to crush daddy's spirit for dressing his little girl how he wants, i just added some pants and socks and a sweater. none of them go together. who cares.)

Pouter McGee. OH MY GOSH. so cute.



Scott and Katie said...

Oh my goodness she is SOOO cute. Love the pics!

thedunns said...

there's nothing really to say about these pictures that you haven't already said or thought.....she's perfect & beautifull!! Can I just tell you how EXCITED I am that you're moving down HERE!!!!! I see many roadtrips in our future (nothing like inviting myself, huh???

The Madsens said...

I love all of Catherine's expressions. And I have no idea why, but I completely teared up looking at the picture of her sleeping on Veronica. Can she move to SC with you guys??!

P.S. I finally got another funny word verification! This one was "halla" is that slang for the slang word "holla"?!

Emilie Smith said...

aaaggghhh!!! love her!

Erin said...

Oh words to describe the joy!

Kristy said...

Oh I can't wait for you all to come to SC!! :)

AtlantaMama said...

I LOVE all of these! WOW! She's up and on the move! I love the park pics... she's so happy. And the pink boots!! And the nap.... so sweet. She is just beautiful! I love this update!!!!

Renee said...

seriously way too much cuteness for one post! i want to comment on every picture but i think my comment would end up being longer than your actual post!! she is just so BEAUTIFUL and so full of LIFE and so HAPPY!! i just can't believe what a big girl she's becoming!!! love her so much! (and you!)

Hannah D said...

oh gracious she is getting SO SO BIG! what a beautiful little girl!!! give her lots & lots of hugs from us :) and ditto to what sara says for me too! love ya'll!!!

Ashleigh said...

She is SO cute--I can see you in her personality and I love it!