Wednesday, July 7, 2010

lowe's is the new target, i guess...

just kidding baby. never would i say such a thing and mean it. target occupies a rather large place in my heart, and i fear it could never be replaced. just ask daddy. but i'm trying to get on board with what i see every morning when i wake explain, look at this picture. it's the view from our balcony:

hold on, let me zoom in for you:

yep. lowe's. right across the street. within walking distance, for sure. when i was younger, i couldn't think of many stores i hated being in more than lowe's or home depot. i didn't like the way it smelled, it was huge and overwhelming, not to mention i didn't give two rips about any of the products that filled their warehouse of a building. well that has changed, my sweet. i guess you could call it growing up;)

while it will never compare to kennesaw mountain or an idyllic tree-lined street (those were the views out of our previous windows...), i don't mind so much having a lowe's staring back at me when i look out the window.

i love you sweet baby. we are loving south carolina. daddy and i are thinking a small town just might be the place for our little family. i'm making fun of our apartment a little, but we absolutely love it. pictures to come of that. and of you exploring clemson and bowman field. it's looking like you don't mind it here so much either=)

mommy i love you. i would never dream of cheating on you.


Erin said...

I miss Clemson.
I miss you.

Kristy said...

Isn't it crazy how much Clemson has changed??

thedunns said...

Oh how I love Target too & the fact that you're so much closer to us. I'm sorry that you have to stare at Lowe's :( I too have never been much of a fan, until is fun when you have house project to complete. Hope the transition is going well for you!! miss you

carolineb said...

Me and Katie B took pictures of Lydie's first Target visit.
She was 3.
Days old.
They pipe wellbeing pheromones through the hvac.
Some of the more recent C pictures look less like D and more like K.
She is perfect.

*super dude* said...

I was concerned for a moment about your sanity. Target trumps Lowe's any day of the week! ;)

Glad to hear that you are settling in and enjoying Clemson.


p.s. We have a new blog that's not about CDH, so please stop by and say hello!