Saturday, November 6, 2010

i'm back

hi love. it's been a long time. got a lot to talk about. let's get to it.

you are the cutest. that's nothing new, but it just surprises me every day i think. my sweet friend libby told me that the terrible two's is a crock. that her sweet boy isaiah gets cooler every day. so far, you are following in his footsteps. do you remember the germer's? libby and kevin and isaiah?? they are in virginia and we miss them so much.

so as for general updates, fall is here. it's getting cooler and we're liking that except that we're both a little sick. no big deal though. i think we're gonna make it. you're in your little pre-school 4 or 5 days a week now and doing MUCH better than before. i don't think i've told you this either, but we started you in one but switched after a month. i didn't know if i was being a crazy mama with unrealistic expectations, but we went on my instincts and changed schools, and they have proven me not crazy. at least, not crazy in this situation. mama's crazy is still up for debate. but you like this new school so much better. i'll leave it at that. but mama's heart is much happier now that yours is=) i've started my new job. i love it. it's a somewhat emotional thing for me to be working as a nurse practitioner-just because it reminds me of how God carried me through grad school in the midst of having a sweet precious girl that was so sick and in and out of the hospital for the first two years of her life. but enough of the dramatic and back to the updates...

~one of my favorite things you do lately is give us a run-down of each day. this is what you say, in this order: mommy work, daddy work, cat-n play friends (catherine plays with friends, at school), eat, take nap, mommy comes, go home." i think it's hilarious (and also brilliant) that you tell us in the correct order what happens every day.

~a few weeks ago you were playing in the tub with your letters that stick up on the wall. i was listening to you playing and you kept saying "LETTERS! YEAH COME ON! LETTERS! YEAH COME ON!" i don't know where that came from, but it was pretty funny=)

~remember how you got a skin infection around your g-tube this summer? well now you will randomly pull up your shirt and point to your tube and say "tube hurt......better". and then you got strep throat in august and you keep saying "sick.....better". like you want to remind us that you were sick but now you're better. we saw auntie robyn in target last month and that was the first thing you said to her. drama queen, maybe?

~you like to tell us who you think is cool. which is everyone. but if we let you go in order you usually say "cat-n cool! daddy cool! mommy cool! jackson cool! gigi cool! granddaddy cool! grandypa cool! nikki cool!" we also don't know where you learned what "cool" means...

~you have a book called "poodlena" about a pink sassy poodle. you call her "penny-woona" and we make you say it all day long.

~we had one of my favorite saturdays a few weeks ago. we sat on the couch snuggled under blankets together reading books and watching movies and eating pizza. i hope we have lots of those saturdays over the next 16 years=) they are my favorites.

ok. here are some pictures.

walking around in daddy's flip flops

one of your favorite things to do: flip backwards in your chair. brave little dare devil.

there are no words for this display of sass=)

warner zagorski demasters is here!!! we were lucky enough to be in columbia for the day of his arrival!!! congratulations kristy and dave!! we'll never be able to thank you enough for letting us be a part of that special day!! i love you three so much=)

i took this for veronica. she gave you this ladybug outfit and she deserves to see how cute you are in it! i'm not sure where your pants were at this point...

this was the day you discovered macaroni and cheese. it changed your world. you ran around yelling "RONI!" for the rest of the day. you couldn't get enough!

i took this one for kacie and the feeding clinic in richmond. you're a little eating machine!!!

as if i wasn't already aware of the twins i have living with me...

our sweet downstairs friend max. you like to push him around in your baby stroller and help him learn to walk=)

lord have mercy.

this is the first time you pooped on the potty=) we have a picture of the potty after you pooped too, but we will spare the mass public from that=)

grandmama and papa's birthdays!


grandmama and papa with almost all of their great-grandchildren.

mommy and daddy went to my high school reunion a few weeks ago...these are some of my favorite friends from high school! back row: danielle longo makris, carly dwyer whatley, emilie ross smith, your mama, robyn rayside zercher, hannah phillips dichiara. front row: lauren turriglio, ashleigh wallace huggins. sweet girls!!! they have all been cheering you on since you were growing in my tummy!!!
i promise to try so hard to write sooner next time. i get frustrated with myself that i haven't written yet, then i get more and more to say built up in my head, then i get overwhelmed, and i procrastinate. welcome to my head. it's a mess.
we quit using your g-tube a few weeks ago. so far, so good! we'll weigh you every couple of weeks and see if you're gaining enough weight...
i love you angel. you're eating fried eggs right now. i'm gonna go watch you.


Erin said...

I wondered how it was going. It's been a while since you've written. Wow, 2 already, eating on her own, talking, walking, etc. Hard to believe 2 years has gone by so fast!

Emery will be 1 on Tuesday...there are no words!

Renee said...

yay! glad you are back to blog world. my little updater said you hadn't written in 2 months.....felt much too long to hear a Catherine update! :)

love all the pics!! especially where she's falling out of her chair- what a daredevil!

and so glad you're happy w/your new job and w/her new school......God is definitely bringing some much needed rest and peace in your lives. Praise Him for all His love!!!

love you guys!

Kristy said...

Oh Honey! WE are the ones who couldn't thank you enough for being at Warner's arrival. However, what a terrible picture of me!

carolineb said...

I find your head remarkably clear and lucid. A+ Mamma. The twin picture is so awesome.