Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pictures of our girl

hi babe=)

here are some pictures from lately...

daddy plays on our church's softball team and let's be honest...he's awesome. he's played in 2 games and is 6 for 6 with 3 homeruns. i know it's shallow and superficial (and keeping with my shameful trend from high school) but he gets about 20 times more attractive to me every time we go to one of his games=) but my REAL point in sharing this photo was to see how precious you are with him. you yell "daddy! daddy!" the whole time and you run into the dugout to be with him every time i look away for 4 seconds. you want to be right there with him eating sunflower seeds and peanuts, and in this pictures you're holding on so tight to his leg. i think you're proud of him too;)

doesn't this look like i did it on purpose? like i have you looking still and i have daddy looking like a blurry image in the background by using some photoshop skills that i have? but i have no skills. this just happened. because you're standing there like a sweet girl smiling and daddy's dancing like a monkey behind you.

this is daddy's "i'm posing with my little girl" face. this makes him more attractive too;)

this is you and uncle nathan a couple weeks ago using your noses to make silly faces=)

Lord have mercy. i want to just eat you up. my sweet sweet angel.

i can't resisit ponytail pictures. yours is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen.

in other news, i'm feeling on the verge of crazy because i'm getting more and more nervous about your surgery every day. i've had a lot of things distracting me lately, and i'm very thankful for that, but yesterday dr gully asked me a few questions about the surgery coming up and it almost sent me into full freak-out mode. i'm just so scared. i pray that Jesus will keep you safe and the surgery will be a success and you will do great during the surgery and you will recover well and recover quickly with no complications. and then you can get on with your life and mommy can quit clinging to you at night before i lay you down to sleep. i'm stopping now because i'm afraid that talking about it will make me worse. Jesus knows my heart and He loves you more than I ever can. i'll try to focus on that instead.

in other, more fun, news, you wore panties to school today for the first time=) i think i've mentioned this before, but i am a super slow potty trainer. you're not necessarily super slow, but your mama is. but i think you've got it. so off you went today with your blue panties looking like a big girl and cute as can be. one of my favorite things you do is say "it's boverin' me!" when you have a wedgie. i tried to explain wedgies to you this morning but i was trying not to laugh the whole time so i'm not sure what i actually said. you little sweet thing. congratulations on the panties, though=)

i love you sweet baby. i wish there were words to express how much.



Thesupermanns said...

oh my goodness. ITs been too long since ive visited your blog and im gonna make it more regular b/c of course i love it and you guys.
Catherine is GETTING SO BIG. So beautiful. i Love how you love your family...Im sure your man is incredible at softball..he being the athelete he is...3 homeruns is awesome. ha ha. ( and i laughed out loud at your comment on my blog. silence often means pooping in our family too....and yes, its no fun to clean up.)

E said...

THis post just makes me smile. Love you, sweet girl!

Micheal Belayudam said...

She is looking cool and her smile is nice.