Saturday, June 16, 2012

spring photo catch-up

photo shoot on the back porch=)

you helping me celebrate my 30th birthday in april

daddy and i had a much needed beach vacation in may-our first one by ourselves since our honeymoon-it was about time!

dr catherine wore her ballerina outfit to work that day...

cutest doctor i have ever seen

you fell asleep snuggling with josh

memorial day lake trip was tons of fun! some of our best virginia friends came too-josh, daryl and sara joined our family for a fun long weekend.

action shot of daddy diving in the water=)

i promise the water isn't really this green=)

you like to have your hands folded in front of you when you're walking, in your car seat, watching a movie-i think it's really cute=)

little diva ready for a day at the lake

catherine LOVES daryl!!!

you and jackson telling secrets

silly face picture

grandaddy looking awesome on the jet ski

more snuggling with josh

you walked around showing everyone the worm you and gigi were using as fishing bait

this was back in april on easter-this might be the trashiest easter basket i've ever seen, but every time we went into publix you told me you wanted it without fail, so i figured i could get over myself and get you what you wanted (it was one of your 3 easter baskets, poor thing, so i was able to give you a classier version as well...)

you and jackson jammin' with your new rock star equipment

things that make me think you're the funniest little girl ever:
-last night you looked over at me and said "mama-who can i marry?" and i said "who do you want to marry?" and without skipping a beat you answered "josh". we sure do love him, but i'm not sure we approve of him as your future husband;)
-"maybe when i go to heaven jesus will teach me to walk on water"
-curious george is "kekious" george (not anymore, but i enjoyed it while it lasted)
-"i'm gonna color him blue like he's asposed to be" ("supposed" is still "asposed", and i love it)
-"i did it on accidentally" (that was a one time occurrence, but funny nonetheless)
-pretzels have for a long time been "princels"

that's all for now. love you sweet babe.



Kristy said...

Sweet girl!

The Madsens said...

I'd like to think we have some pretty special, and awesomely creative girls. Mackenzie has the same brown boots as Catherine and she TRIES to wear them with every.single.outfit. Most days, I'll just shake my head and let her wear them. And I know what you mean about the Easter baskets, again, Mack loves anything that screams gaudy, bling-y, flashy i.e. trashy! :) And I adore all of Catherine's funny sayings. :)