Monday, June 22, 2009

catherine goes to the river=)

today you went to the james river with daddy, josh and me. we took you to pony pasture and it was so much fun! we didn't stay there too long-you needed to eat and take a bath and go to bed (but i'm writing this at 10pm and you're still not asleep!)...but it was beautiful weather and we got some great pictures. what a fun memory-we will go back soon for sure!

you liked watching the rapids and people swimming=)

you liked having your feet in the water!!!!

you liked josh's sunglasses=)

you and your boys=)


AtlantaMama said...

these are GREAT!!!! It reminds me of when we first took our little man... So much fun. Great pictures. I'm so happy for yall to be able to GET OUT and do stuff! That is so good.

Abby & Pete said...

i just love seeing you show her God's great earth.

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Great pictures of you three out and about! Catherine is loving her life!! She is beautiful! Praise the LORD!

Kristy said...

Look at Catherine's sassy little outfit!

Erin said...

I love these pictures. I can see the smiley life bubbling out of allt hree of you! I cannot wait to get my hug from you, and meet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey...I ran into your blog a few days ago (can't remember exactly how). Your story is incredible and brought tears to my eyes. You are such a wonderful Mother and Catherine is a very lucky girl to have you and your husband!

twinsplusone said...

These pictures are GREAT!! Your smiles are awesome!!! I love it-- Catherine is such a cute little girl!!! I love her personality in these pictures!! Today is our miracle-Joseph's surgery anniversary!!! Check out our blog!! You can relate!

Deb said...

Hi Katie!
What a wonderful post!
Wonderful news
Wonderful pictures
Wonderful baby!

So happy for you all!