Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day=)

hey baby.

today is father's day, and i figured it was a good time to tell you about some of the father figures in your life. so here i go...

my dad is one of the most incredible men i know, and i often times think about how lucky i am to be his daughter. i remember the morning of my wedding i wrote grandaddy a letter telling him how much i loved him and how honored i was to have him walk me down the aisle that day...that i was fully aware how integral he was in getting me to that point, and that he, maybe more than any other human being, had molded my heart to be attracted to a man like your daddy...honest and ambitious and loyal and reverent for Jesus. daddy's have such an immeasurable worth that many people never quite recognize or live up to, and those around them could either soar or suffer because of it. especially the daughters of these men. in a very direct way i think these little girls eventually choose husbands that will represent what they grew to love in their own dads. how blessed i am to have had a daddy that pointed me towards a man like yours.

as you will start learning in the not-so-distant future, a dad's inherent role is to represent our Heavenly Father, which is unfathomable in itself. what an overwhelming honor. and while no man could quite fill those holy shoes, mine does a better job than many. i'm sitting here right now shaking my head with tears in my eyes because i know so many people who haven't had the absolute privilege of having a daddy worthy of being called one. but i have. and so do you. i remember before i started dating your daddy i watched him. i watched him with his family and with his friends and i watched him worship Jesus and i especially watched him play with children. it really was unlike anything i'd ever seen before. he was incredibly patient and it seemed like he had a special section of his brain that he tapped into in order to communicate on the level a child needed. i was in awe, and a little jealous that it came so easily for him;) i couldn't help but become drawn to him. i had never met anyone quite like him, and i knew that if i was ever fortunate enough to have him fall for me, i would marry him for sure. choosing him to be my husband and father of my children was and always will be one of the better decisions i've ever made.

so here's to our dads. how lucky we are to have the ones we ended up with=)

he's pretty cute.

this was one of my favorite memories with grandaddy-watching my hubby walk into the church before we walked down the aisle. i knew that my dad was just about as excited as i was, and that made me so happy.

ready to walk!!!

my favorite picture with my daddy of all time. this is us praying together before the wedding.

you like him a lot too=)

this is one of my favorite pictures ever. you holding your daddy's hand. you were probably about a week old.

i think he would've crawled up in that crib with you if they would've let him.

you had just gotten put on cpap. he was pretty excited.

he wanted to kiss you on your lips=)

he loves you so much!!!

your daddy loving on his sweet swollen-faced girl.

this picture is of you and libby, but i included it because...can you guess who the lucky person is that's making you laugh so hard??? it's your daddy=) you think he's pretty hilarious.
daddy playing with you today outside of church. you have on your "daddy's girl" bow=)

he likes to run you around everywhere. you laugh at him more than anybody else=)

there are no words. but you do love being upside-down!

family shot on father's day

and happy father's day to grandy-pa...he's not so bad himself and deserves so much more than a passing remark at the end of this letter;)


Kristy said...

Happy Father's to Donnie and your Daddy!!! Sweet Papa Terrell! I do love him! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to you and your Sweet Catherine :)

Erin said...

You know, we are so blessed. We have wonderful father's and we are married to me who are wonderful fathers to their girls. God is so good.

Deb said...

What a wonderful tribute to dads!! I was one of the lucky ones daddy is a man among men. Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures. Your post made me cry, but they were happy tears! I'm so happy that this was such a good Father's day for you guys!

AtlantaMama said...

great Father pics... wow! These are awesome!!