Sunday, December 27, 2009

snowy days=)


hi lovey love! a week before christmas, richmond got a whole lotta snow. mommy grew up in atlanta and doesn't know what to do when it snows. nevertheless, we were pretty excited=) gigi and grandaddy had come up from georgia and we all spent the weekend taking walks in the wintery wonderland or staying cuddled up cozy and warm inside, teaching you the word "snow" and what it means, all kinds of other fun stuff. daddy kept bringing you snowballs inside and you would try to eat it and give us all bites. such a good share-er=) you LOVED walking on the ice and snow! you would hold our hands and take off walking, looking straight down and staring at your feet the whole time! very funny. we'd pick you up to get somewhere faster or out of the way of a car and you'd get a little upset and want back down to walk again. no matter what we did, we couldn't manage to keep your right mitten on your hand...daddy plopped you down to sit in the snow and explore on your own-you grabbed at the snow and stared at your hand quizzically and it didn't take long to figure out that it didn't feel so good once your little fingers got cold! you started trying to crawl out of the snow but it was pretty deep and you just kept sinking back in...eventually you got tired of this and started wimpering a we scooped you right up and took you inside to a warm bath=) (side note about bath time. you love it. splashing and playing and scaring us as your little trach hole gets dangerously close to going underwater...and i love coming home in the morning after work to a shower full of the alphabet and numbers plastered against the shower and daddy have the best bath times=)) so anyway. that was your first official experience with snow. (it snowed last year but you were little and fragile and on a flipping ventilator so we weren't venturing out with you at that point.) here are some pictures. some of them are blurry, but i liked them anyway..enjoy!

daddy making a snow angel

trying to get up from making his snow angel

you and veronica watching elmo

tasting a snowball...

snuggling with gigi, elmo and piglet

you love playing with gigi!

this is your new scrunch face smile. i love it!

gigi and grandaddy. aren't they pretty=)

walking and staring at your feet=)

examining your cold hand...

you've had enough of that!

coloring with daddy

you love watching tv in your basket=)

i love this goofy face=)

you and daddy were making faces at each other through the bottom of your drum. you thought it was hilarious=)
ps-we leave tomorrow morning to celebrate christmas in georgia. you get to see your three sweet cousins anna cate, jackson, and hazel and we are so excited!!!


brad.kellie.babyc.lucy said...

Oh my gosh! She looks so wonderful and is SUPER CUTE! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. We were also happy to spend Christmas at home and not in the hospital. To look at her now, you'd never know how much she's been through. Great job!

Abby and Pete said...

when i hear "savior He can move the mountains" and see these pictures of catherine...i just tear up every time. amazing.

Debbie said...

What beautiful pictures. I love Catherine's hat - she looks adorable in it. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your little one is sure a doll and I look so forward to seeing new pictures of you and your family. Have a Happy New Year and God bless you all.
Debbie from Decatur - Erin West's aunt.

Natalie McGough said...

Hey Katie,
I can't believe how big Catherine is! She is so adorable and seems like such a happy baby! Look at all of that snow, we have lots of snow too, and it's REALLY cold here! I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!

Cori said...

Wow! Yall did get a lot of snow - looks like Catherine loved it as much as Donnie :) Praying for safe travels to GA. Cant wait to see you!