Sunday, January 10, 2010

welcome to 2010=)

hi sweet angel=) it's now the year 2010 and we are finally back home from our many travels. actually, you just hung out in georgia the whole time, but it's been a while since we've been home! celebrating christmas with our families was lots of fun. opening your presents might have been more fun than opening mine. you are getting the hang of this whole gift thing. you're getting bigger and therefore becoming very entertained by anna cate and jackson, your big cousins. you like to dance with anna cate and laugh at her funny faces. and you kept climbing into jackson's lap and laughing your sweet little (big) head off when he would jump out from behind the chair and yell "boo!". you probably wear your little cousin hazel out a little bit-you love her so much and point to her and look at everybody, like you're making sure we all see her, when she comes into the room. you want to give her lots of kisses and show everyone her nose and touch her cheeks. and mostly you just want to climb into her car seat. you still fit. you two are pretty funny and cute together. anyhoo-here are lots of pictures=)

and by the way-on the drive back to virginia you started acting a little sick-a couple days later we found out you have RSV and strep throat, so that's been fun. you've been doing fairly well with it-you'll laugh and play until you start coughing so much it wears you out. you're a little trooper though-keep telling that cough who's boss...

one of my favorite pictures. ever. partly because you are so happy and cute, but also because daddy looks like he's 17 and ready to step out on the football field.

jackson and gigi's gingerbread house

sweet grandmama and papa. they love each other so much.

our family's not normal. we love them that way.

man what a cutie. in her b-o-o-t-s boots. (shout out to anna cate)

gigi and grandaddy look pretty happy with their grandkids!

the annual contest to see who can look more surprised (or in uncle nathan's case, ridiculous) when they see their "pile" from santa. (daddy was on the phone and therefore not participating this year)

the kids and their kids

uncle nae-nae helping you on your new turtle=)

you dancing with gigi and anna cate

giving anna cate a kiss

you and anna cate in your own little world under the table

i took this look to mean "have you heard how good she is?"

kissing sweet emery paige!

miss alicia and avery invited us down to see the horses. thanks again!

little miss avery. isn't she beautiful?

you and your scraggly hair laughing hysterically in jackson's lap

celebrating daddy's 29th birthday

fun with aunt nikki=)

this is one of your favorite things to do. kiss people through solid see-through surfaces...

showing us santa's nose

"i think i know this guy..."

"I DO KNOW HIM! it's grandaddy under that beard!"

"oh this is fun."

"do you guys know this is really grandaddy?"

"i'm pretty sure jackson knows it's him."

"someone needs to tell mommy that it's really just grandaddy under that costume."
(sorry about the millions of pictures of you with santa-miss bridgett and i made up a little dialogue in our head of what you were thinking, and i thought i'd share it with you=) we thought we were really funny.)

sweet picture of anna cate with her daddy

there they are. normal this time.

just as everyone predicted, you were indeed more interested in climbing into the boxes than the actual presents that came in them.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry that you are sick Catherine. I'll say an extra prayer that you get better fast. Love the pics!!!!

Abby and Pete said...

she gets more beautiful with every post. what an infectious smile! hope that rsv is gone soon.

Erin said...

We so enjoyed every minute we were able to spend with y'all!

Renee said...

what a beautiful and fun family! your cute grandparents, Uncle Nathan (i hope he won the contest), all the cute kids.....looks like your holidays were a blast! and i love Catherine in her little boots- so stylish! and you can never have too many pics of her w/santa- her expresssions were priceless (and i love the dialogue- i was laughing out loud!) have a great new year and i hope Catherine gets better soon!

ilse sears said...

Unbelievable and so wonderful that she is walking. So much has happened in this year and four months. She is the nearest to being a true angel and definitely she is a miracle child blessing all of us. Love ya, Aunt Spanish and Jack Sears