Sunday, January 17, 2010

play date with isaiah=)

hey babe=)

yesterday we went to the germer's so you and isaiah and libby and i could play. it was lots of fun! you really do love other kids and i get sad sometimes that you don't get to hang out with them more. one day=) you and isaiah had lots of fun! smiling and laughing at each other. he's 3 months older than you and i think it's fun to watch you try to do things he's doing. you do the same thing with anna cate and jackson. you think you're a big girl=)

here's a video of you two dancing together to the sound of snoopy and his drums...

and just for kicks, here's a picture from a long time ago of libby and me growing isaiah and you in our tummies=)

i gave your hair its first trim today. and i didn't take any pictures. i hope that doesn't make me a bad mother. that hair of yours is a hot mess. i was thinking maybe the trim would help tame it a little, but so far it's crazy as ever. just shorter. i secretly (or not so secretly) love it. daddy says you have his hair. when i was pregnant he kept saying that he hoped you wouldn't get his hair. but no worries. he says aunt nikki has his hair too and her hair is very beautiful now=)

here are some more pictures from the play date...

isaiah laughing at his mama

ok i just went in there and took some pictures of your hair. i didn't want to feel bad. i guess moms are supposed to take pictures of their kid's first "haircut." if you can call it that. you were a little tazmanian devil sitting on the kitchen table without anything to keep you still so i personally consider it a success that neither of us came out bleeding...

carrying around a syringe (no needle) in your right hand and a spoon in the left.

i was trying to get you to look the other way by asking you where bob was. there's a veggie tales dvd case on the desk in front of you.

you caught me=)

see? what am i supposed to do with that? crazy cowlicks going every which way.

wow. i just read back through this letter. talk about stream of consciousness. gigi's the same way. you'll learn to keep up=) i love you sweet girl.


Renee said...

playdates are the best! you get to see your little one interacting w/her peers and they become this whole new person to you! i love those moments!

and w/the haircut- now i'm wondering if i should cut bailey's....she has the same kind of fuzzy mullet thing going on in the back and i have no idea what to do with it! but i'm like you- i like it short and wild looking! ha ha!

Erin said...

I love your randomness :) It makes me smile!

AtlantaMama said...

love to ready (and see) the update!!!! She'sTOOcute!!!