Sunday, May 16, 2010

the bump bump gene

hi babe=)

a tidbit from today:

you and me and daddy were driving in the car on our way to isaiah's 2nd birthday party (happy birthday isaiah!) and dancing to rihanna or something else inappropriate for toddlers. you were loving it, as usual, dancing right along with us in your little car seat, rocking your head back and forth and wiggling your arms around. big smile on your face looking from mommy to daddy and back again. so eventually we stop and daddy and i start talking. suddenly we hear you in the back seat saying and signing "more! more!" and we realize you had not gotten enough dancing. so it all starts again-daddy and i start dancing and you join right along with us. every time we'd stop, you'd ask for more and the cycle went on and on. and daddy says "we're gonna be in trouble with this one-she got her mama's bump bump gene."

i'd like to dedicate this letter to josh hook, one of the few people who appreciate mama's great affinity for dancing. and mceachern high school, for giving me the bump bump gene in the first place.

dance on catherine.


Erin said...

woot woot
I do believe that I enjoyed dancing with you at my wedding ;)

thedunns said...

Yea! Catherine got the bump bump gene :) Catherine-your mama is quite the dancer!!!!! She's got moves that no other white girl has!

AtlantaMama said...

so cute to picture her dancing

flo& said...

Hey, Katie,

Yeah, Catherine got the bump bump gene.

Tonight I did want to tell you (sorry, but I forgot) that Catherine likes to dance, you should let her go to dancing class have fun with other girls or boys when she grows a little bit older.