Monday, May 24, 2010

graduation weekend festivities...

hi love!

what a fun weekend we had. it was one of the few that i wasn't working, because it was mommy's graduation weekend! we are so thankful this little phase of life is over, and i'm a little bit overwhelmed when i think about all the ways God helped mommy to finish this program. so next month after i take (and pass) the board exam, i'll be a pediatric nurse practitioner. what fun that will be=)

gigi and grandaddy were here helping us pack up the house and send things to storage. we worked pretty hard and saw them off on their way back to georgia sunday morning, just in time for josh's party to get rolling. josh's mom lives in chicago and wanted to give him a graduation party, so we had it at our house. she is a sweet sweet lady and we were honored to help in some tiny way celebrate josh getting his PhD. (fyi-this is the same program daddy will be finishing a year from now). you are so funny with josh. it takes you about 2.5 seconds to remember him and then you won't leave him alone. good thing he loves you back=)

mommy's working for a few nights then we're off to gigi and grandaddy's lakehouse wednesday. we're excited, for sure, but mommy and daddy are looking at this more like free child care and 4 full days for me to study for boards and daddy to finish his dissertation. no worries-there will be plenty of boat rides and swimming, but it's basically crunch time for your parents and we'll take what we can get!

oh. also, mommy and daddy went out with josh and some other friends saturday night. we felt a little bit like we were 18, but we had A LOT of fun. mama definitely showed off that bump bump gene i was telling you about. daddy and josh were very proud.

here are some pictures from this weekend. you sure are a little cutie.

you and your baby pearl. uh, you LOVE your baby pearl. you feed her and tell her to swallow and make sure her hat and shoes are on right. you buckle her up in your little high chair. hilarious.

playing on the floor with gigi and grandaddy=)

look how old you look. i can't stand it.

remember how you were so mad about your graduation cap from food camp? you were mad about this one too at first. you wouldn't even come to me when i was wearing it. but you came around=)

look at me right there in the middle. about to walk across the stage feeling pretty proud of myself!!

looking very fuzzy, but just as sassy as ever.

i had to take you back real quick. this is my favorite picture of you and me and josh. it was last summer at pony pasture on the james river before josh went and moved to miami=(

josh and daddy and me. yesterday before the festivities began. i want to point out how daddy is the only one looking at himself on the camera's flip screen. no shocker there.

josh and sweet catherine=)

josh's dad. jan-aka cool cat-hook.

josh with jeff, jessica and ava kate.

josh's grandma virginia. one of the cutest little ladies i've ever met.

you were trying to figure out the game of corn hole.

now you've moved on to ladder golf.

"HEY! why is my pool all the way over here?"
we were trying to pretend we were classy during the party, so we hid it behind the house.

i just wanted there to be proof that i once had beautiful hydrangeas in my yard=)

me and joshy wosh.

daryl had been gone for a few weeks and you were SO EXCITED to see him!!!

you hanging out with your other set of parents.

you and me snugglin'.

some of our very best friends.

josh cleaning my floor. i jumped at the opportunity to document this with a picture.


Emilie Smith said...

So fun! Katie -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! How awesome that you are FINISHED! I'm pretty sure you'll pass smartie pants : ) Hope to see y'all soon -- love you!

Kristy said...

Looking as beautiful as ever! Congrats on your graduation!! I know you are so happy to be finished! Can't wait for many more visits when you move to C-town! I love you, honey!

Elaine and Keith Davis said...

Yay Katie!! You are such a super star! Catherine looks SO much like Gigi in that first picture! Crazy! Miss you guys a bunch! Love!

Ashly said...


I'm so proud of you! What a journey you've had while completing the program.

I loved all the pictures, but my favorite is that fourth one! She's beautiful. We're going to the lake this weekend. If you guys are up for meeting for dinner since we'll both have free childcare:) then give me a call!

Erin said...

She is getting so big.
I am so proud of you.
I love you.