Tuesday, June 1, 2010

surgery...and the lake

hi love~

you're in surgery right now. they're gonna do a bronchoscopy to make sure your airway looks alright, then they'll close up the hole where your trach was. to do this they'll cut out the area where the hole is now to get rid of the tract, then they'll stitch up each layer-trachea, muscle, skin. so it's just the tiniest bit more complicated than it sounds. they gave you some versed about 30 minutes before they took you back to the OR and you were hi-larious! giggling at everything and so so sweet. we got a video of some of it but that was before the medicine kicked in full force. daddy and i were cracking up...right along with you. it made mama feel better=) i was nervous about the surgery to begin with, but maybe more nervous about you being terrified as they took you away from us to the OR. but as it turns out, you gladly went to lauren the anesthesiologist blowing us kisses and waving and not fussing one bit. score one for versed, i guess!

so i'm writing this letter to pass the time and not think about them doing surgery on your sweet little throat. you'd think i'd be used to this, right? i don't think i am. or maybe it's just because you're older and you have a little more of an idea what's going on. and therefore you don't like it. unless they give you versed, that is=)

we got back from the lake last night at 8pm. and then left the house at 4:30 this morning to get you to charlottesvile. that was a side note. what i want to tell you is the lake was so much fun!!! you learned a new phrase: "OH BOY!!". you're so funny saying it. you get very proud of yourself. you danced and sang and danced and sang with gigi and played with jackson so sweetly. you two missed anna cate so much and can't wait to see her next month!! another new thing you love is to hold our hands. you're such a little sweetie-you'll reach up from the back seat so we can all hold hands while we're riding down the road. you met a new doll anna (anna cate's old doll) at the lake and fell in love. you and pearl and anna had lots of fun. (pearl is your other doll. i don't know if i've told you about her but she's been a big hit ever since she joined our family a couple weeks ago.) you loved boat rides even more than last year. i think you would've gladly jumped over the front as we sped along the lake if we hadn't been holding on to you. i could go on and on, but i'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

i love you sweet baby. i am anxiously looking forward to you being out of surgery. i'll miss your "neck poots" and your blow hole.


ps-dr rodgers just called while i was uploading the pictures and said you're all finished and you're starting to wake up in the OR. he said you did great and were stable the whole time. your airway looked perfect and he stitched it up with no problem. we should probably go home early tomorrow morning. well done sweet girl=)

you teaching grandmama things.

you LOVE to rock in rocking chairs.

big girl

i think your face is hilarious here. i think you might've been pooping.


you and jackson. obviously having a good time on the boat!

there you are. thinking about leaping off into the water.

you're so happy!!!

you and me. singing on the boat.

i'm layin' one on you. big time.

you and sweet jackson. again, looking very happy=)

i couldn't resist.

just in case you're wondering, that's your dress on daddy's head.


Renee said...

ahhh!!! naked baby! naked baby!! i love those pics! (not in a creepy way, but in a mommy-who-loves-squishy-baby-booty way- :) and she looks so adorable and big in her bathing suit! glad ya'll had fun at the lake and even more glad that her surgery seems to have gone well. what a strong, brave little girl!

theath said...

God is so good!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Gosh... she's so BIG!!!!!!

I hope what I'm about to say doesn't upset you, and if it does, please delete this.

A good friend of mine was told about a month ago that he little baby boy in her tummy had the same condition that Catherine did. But they were told that they'd be able to do surgery to fix it. They knew there were some risks, but... their little boy was born and went home with Jesus about 45 minutes later. And when I heard, my heart just filled with thought of you and Catherine and how very grateful I am that even though I don't "know" you, that you have that beautiful little girl who is every inch a miracle.

Cori said...

So thankful to hear that everything with surgery went well! Praise Him!!!! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all at the lake! Probably needed and well deserved. Miss your sweet family and can't wait to have you back in the south!

Erin said...

So glad surgery went well. :)

coolercorner said...

What precious pictures!!

In Christ,
Abbey Cooler:)

Ashleigh said...

Yay for the surgery going well. I know you're glad it's over. The lake pictures are great! I especially love the one of Catherine and Jackson on the boat with big smiles.

Anonymous said...

katia...boo, i'm so utterly proud of you :) I'm sorry it's taken ten years to congratulate you on graduation, but wow sister, what a journey!! You did it...I honestly don't know how, but you did! Love you boo!

Anonymous said...

whoops...posted under the wrong post!!! haha! Well, I am so proud of graduation, but I'M ECSTATIC OVER CATHERINE'S SURGERY!!!!!! Wow Kates...God is good :)Love you boo! She is soooo beautiful :)

Emilie Smith said...

love love love these lake pictures! i'm so glad the surgery went well! yay for catherine!