Friday, June 11, 2010

potty time with elmo

just elmo. not catherine, yet. we'll venture down that road once we're settled in clemson.

a few months ago a friend told daddy and me about the video "potty time with elmo" and that it was pretty hilarious.

side note: every time mommy goes shopping with gigi, your daddy expects us to come back with a surprise for him....

one day gigi and i went to target and i decided i should get that video for daddy as his surprise. daddy, not catherine. again, not yet.

so daddy loved his surprise, and our friends weren't lying. that movie is flippin funny. everybody talking about what they personally call their poo-poo or tee-tee. awesome.

and while daddy and i obviously enjoy this entertainment, you love the video too. it is hands down your favorite. "POTTY" you say, every time we ask if you want to watch a movie. this isn't really appropriate talk for public viewing, but i'm gonna tell you anyway. when you're in the bath tub and you see us using the potty, you get a big grin on your face and start giggling and say "potty! potty!". you're very entertained by the whole subject...
my favorite song on the video is called "accidents happen." elmo and grover sing it together and man do i love it. and what i really wanted to tell you is that i've had grover's sweet little voice stuck in my head all day, singing "sometimes you are just not sure, if you should go to the potty or play some more!" i love what you've done to me my sweet girl=)

you are the most fun. what an interesting little world you've opened up to your parents=)


we like making faces at each other through the front door=)

are you cute or what?

i think the face you're making here looks just like your daddy


Megan said...

Lauren loves it too! Maybe it will help these girls be on the fast track to potty training :)

Erin said...

She is her daddy's mini me for sure!

Emilie Smith said...

Oh my goodness. She is so cute! I want to see her so bad : )

AtlantaMama said...

so we also have that DVD and we in full potty time with our oldest... pee pee poop poop wee wee woo woo... ha ha... I must say that the "accidents happen" song gets stuck in my head a lot. And they do happen!

i love the new pics and I hope the MOVE went well!!!!