Monday, February 21, 2011

65 years...

hi love=)

a few weeks ago, we drove to forsyth, georgia for grandaddy's parents' 65th wedding anniversary party. you call these people papa and grandmama. some of the most precious people i have ever known. we are so lucky to call them our grandparents, aren't we?

65 years is a big deal. there's no denying that. so i was definitely excited to go celebrate with them. but something about being there with our whole family celebrating the ones who came together to make it (us) all happen was so beautiful. they have four sons and all of them are married with 2 or 3 kids each and most of those kids have babies of their was a big crowd. i love those people so much. it is good for my soul to be with them. i have always thought so much of these two great grandparents of yours, but it was almost like i saw them in a new light that night. i'm sure part of it is because i got to hear papa tell their love story. he's a preacher, and when he's not learning about Jesus and preparing to teach his churches about Him, he's telling jokes or being silly and he's basically just the sweetest rascal i've ever met. (one of my favorite memories of him is when i was on the back porch of their old house with my brothers and the boys were talking about how much they loved the ice cream we were eating. we were about to leave to drive 2 1/2 hours to go home, and papa recommended we just put some ice cream in our pockets to have later...i realize this might possibly not be the funniest joke you've ever heard, but that's when i realized he was flipping hilarious. and it has stuck with me ever since...) so to see him in this shamelessly romantic light telling the love of his life how precious she is to was one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. and there's no denying how much grandmama adores him back. i can't think of a single thing she wouldn't do for him. she really does adore him. i can't think of a better word.

papa has cancer. we found that out last summer. it makes us so sad that he is sick, but he's making the best of every day and taking all of the ups and downs in stride. and loving his sweet lady and appreciating anew every way she's taking care of him.

i don't know what life has in store, but i hope you're able to remember grandmama and papa when you get older. here are some pictures and a sweet video from their anniversary party.

to grandmama and papa...


their silly family. minus just a few...

papa and grandmama with their 3 boys.

weren't they foxy??

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