Friday, February 25, 2011

5th anniversary=)

hi sweet baby=)

happy anniversary to my sweet husband. today daddy and i have been married for 5 years! it's been quite eventful, wouldn't you say? get married, move to virginia, donnie starts grad school, katie starts grad school, have a sweet precious girl, fight with her for her life, katie finishes grad school, move to south has been busy, huh? it has also been "rich" and full of love and grace from our sweet God who wants all the best for us. His handprint is all over our little story. i can't wait to see what He has for our future, sweet little one. lately you've been looking at the wedding picture on our wall and telling us that that's when mommy and daddy got married. one of the anniversary traditions i have been unsuccessful at implementing the last few years (but have great plans to "start" this year) is watching our rehearsal dinner and wedding video on our annivesary. i think you're gonna love it. you like to tell us who's in every picture in our house and what they're doing in it, and you LOVE movies, so i think this will be the best of both worlds for you=)

and speaking of marriage, i read the book "love and war" by john and stasi eldredge a few weeks ago. i've been trying so hard to figure out how i want to describe what it has done for my life and our marriage but i still have no answer.

it has been nothing short of miraculous.

i realize that's a pretty dramatic way of describing it, and i generally shy away from being unnecessarily dramatic, but in this case i think it's sort of necessary, and completely appropriate. it really has transformed the way i see your daddy, and myself, and basically the point of our life here together. it has changed my perspective on marriage in general, and i am desperately praying that i'll never be the same after reading it. and to try and preserve some sense of privacy (not an easy thing for me...i tend to be an utterly open book) i will wrap that up here. we can talk about it more later, sweet catherine.

but i can't help but put a plug in...if you've never read this book, are married, or might ever get married, read it!!! i really do think it should be a mandatory part of pre-marital counseling. you think anybody will listen to me??? ;)

catherine my love: read the book=)

here are some fun wedding pictures for your visual were just a dream then but we somehow managed to still have an absolute blast. daddy and i are still surprised at how much fun we had that day, and how our parents helped us to have the most perfect wedding we could imagine. thanks again grandaddy, gigi, grandypa, and susie=)

love you babe. both my babes=)


i like feet. what can i say?

the strapping davis men.

daddy loves his little sister so much=) i think that made me think he was extra cool when we were just friends. (ooh! aunt nikki came to visit us this week! we had so much fun having girl time wednesday-taking walks, playing on the playground, eating ice cream and watching friends while you were taking a nap...we wish we got to see more of aunt nikki)

i'm not sure why i feel compelled to share this picture. mostly because we miss these boys. they are silly and were most cooperative when our photographer asked them to "hold hands and skip toward me!" ???????

when i'm at weddings, i always turn and look at the groom when the bride walks in. so i thought it was only appropriate to share this picture=)

wowsa. i love it.

daddy wanted us to dance back down the aisle after the ceremony. so we did, and here we are.

best wedding music ever. i have great taste in extremely talented musicians and singers=)

this is the picture on our wall that you always talk about=)

gorgeous. even better than i expected.

my two best friends. classy, as usual=)

nevermind the sweat on my forehead. it means i was a dancing machine, which is all i really asked of my reception=)


jennifer said...

Happy 5 years to you both!!!! What fun pictures =)

carolineb said...

How come you're so beautiful? Happy #5!

Erin said...

I am still so sad I missed your wedding, but am so thankful you were at mine to dance the night away!

I have been thinking about you today as your wedding anni is on my flip calendar. :)

You are so beautiful. I love you, friend!

Hannah D said...

Happy, happy happy anniversary sweet friends!!!! Glad ya'll had a special day celebrating :)

I am DEF gonna check out that book, thanks for recommending it, I love me some Eldredges, but surprisingly haven't read that one's next on my list now!


Kristy said...

Happy 5 years! Hard to believe it's been that long! What a beautiful day it was. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it! Love you!

Renee said...

happy 5 year anniversary! you were one beautiful bride! blessings (and rest!.....y'all have and a busy 1/2 decade together!) for many more married years!

love you :)

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. God is so good! Much love, Mama D and Leonard