Thursday, March 3, 2011

tigers baseball=)

hi love=)

a couple weeks ago we went to a clemson baseball game. staff members and all of their family get in for free, so we have great plans to see lots of games this spring!!! not to mention my odd obsession with the sport since i was about 14 years old...somehow it has stuck with me. the sound of the "crack of the bat" and the sunshine warming your skin and the smaller more intimate atmosphere (in contrast to the overwhelming crowds of clemson football games) are VERY appealing to me...and so far you like it there too! yesterday daddy called from work to see if we wanted to meet him at the baseball game - you heard me talking to him and you started yelling "me go to baseball game! me go to baseball game! eat candy with rachel!" so we went, of course. (we usually go to the games with lance and rachel, and rachel always shares her candy with you...) daddy snagged you an orange 7th inning stretch t-shirt that you sported around like a dress and got lots of smiles and points as you walked around the stands. (daddy winning that shirt might or might not have involved him kicking it away from an old man so he could bend down with you on his shoulders and grab it. he's not necessarily proud of that move. the things daddies will do for their little girls...) you like how music comes on a lot during the game and you get a little confused when people suddenly start yelling all at the same time, but you're getting used to it=)

you LOVE dancing to the music. here's a video of you doing just that.

you may not look a thing like me, but at least we both like baseball=)


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Erin said...

What great memories y'all are making! Love it!