Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

hi love=)

you and me and daddy and aunt nikki had a great mother's day weekend!!! saturday i kept saying how it really was my perfect kind of saturday. some hanging out at home and cooking while you napped, then we went to this waterfall park in greenville and a huge playground at the greenville zoo. and sunday was lots of fun too. lunch at moe's with lance and rachel, as usual, and a walk around the lake and more playground fun. i got to hang out with my girl and celebrate being your mama=) here are some pictures!

love you angel-


the falls at reedy park was having some kind of duck race. we got there after the race was over, but you were pretty excited about this huge blow-up ducky=)

i love this picture of these two girls=)

i love the intense look of concentration on your face=)

you made a new friend=)

this begins the series of attempts to take a family picture on mother's day. this one makes me laugh because we couldn't keep our eyes open because of the sun...

i love your sweet smile in this one=)

daddy made me promise not to write a sarcastic caption for this picture, so here it is...all i can say without breaking my promise is that daddy was getting bored.

this is what you wanted to wear to go to church. it was 80 degrees. and those are your doctor kit glasses. i liked the outfit, but we managed to get the glasses and fleece jacket off of you before we left=)


The Madsens said...

Ms. Catherine is so funny! I adore the last picture and love her puckered up lips as she's trying to concentrate. My most favorite picture though is the one of the 3 of you sitting on the swing. Reminds me of when you were pregnant with Catherine and I think you were at your parents lake house sitting with Donnie on a swing. *I know I'm strange that I remember that picture, but somethings just happen to stick with you forever, and that blog post has.*

E said...

Could you be any more beautiful, I think not!

Rachael said...

So adorable! We were actually at the Gville zoo that morning too, can't believe we missed yall:) Glad you had fun!