Tuesday, May 31, 2011

daddy's graduation

hi love=)

a few weekends ago we went back to richmond for daddy's graduation! it was such a fun time seeing old friends and celebrating all of daddy's hard work. daryl graduated too and he was by far your favorite person of the weekend. here are some pictures...

daryl spots us in the audience

can you find your daddy? he was making funny faces at us throughout the whole thing.

i think he was a little bored.

this is the second ceremony of the day. you wanted to sit with sara. and here you're trying so hard to get daddy's attention!

here's daddy's little cohort...daryl, ben, daddy and maggie.

you were so proud of these two boys!

i think these three pictures are funny. for whatever reason, it was pretty difficult to get us all looking normal...this one's as close as we got.

sara and daryl looking good. our little family doing who knows what. i love us. all five.

i have a look of defeat on my face. you are hilarious. i love how daddy can't quit watching you=)

grandypa so proud of his son=)

daryl was your chosen one of the weekend. but then again he's your chosen one most weekends. (catherine loves daryl)

veronica came to the graduation party to see you! we were so excited to see her. (lindsay and megan, two of your uva nurses, came too. but it was 3 hours past naptime when they got there so we didn't get any pictures...)

some of our bff's in richmond. tripper, cherilyn, jeff, jessica, sara, daryl, and us. and little ava kate in the middle. we miss them so much!

look how awesome ava kate is!!! such a big girl.

that's it love!!! we had lots of fun and wish we got to see these people more often. they make all our memories from virginia sweet ones=)

love you sweet baby.


ps-a few days ago i got a job in atlanta. it is AWESOME. and we're making an offer on a house tonight. it is awesome too=) and you have surgery friday. big week, huh??

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