Wednesday, June 8, 2011

memorial day at the lake

hi love=)

we went to the lake for memorial day and it was tons of fun! your favorite thing right now is the panda bear float that you can sit in. after we got home you kept talking about it and wondering why we didn't have one to use at the pool. it sounds like we need a trip to target...

here are some pictures from our weekend at the lake:

catherine and jackson=bff. where is anna cate:(

girls' weekend girls: do you recognize this towel?????? (hint: dance party '07)

jackson, uncle nathan, and puppy cousin charlie on the jet ski

looks like fun, huh??? we love the lake. can't wait to go back.

i'm not sure when i'll write another letter so i should go ahead and address the fact that surgery is friday. we're ready to get it over with. i'm so sad that you have to have it, but i'm also confident that you're in great hands at musc. after that letter a month or so ago when i was not doing so well, i had some sweet friends (thank you renee, and sweet miss showalter) remind me that you don't really belong to me anyway. God has given me the greatest gift in you, but you belong to Him, and He will hold you close and take great care of you. so early friday morning they should take care of business in your belly and chest. we are obviously praying for wisdom and precision for the surgeon and anesthesiologist and everyone involved in taking care of you and that everything that needs to be fixed will be fixed. and we are praying for you to be calm and content and not too afraid and i pray that you will be comfortable and not feel too much pain and i pray that you will not feel lonely or scared being in a new scary place. and i pray SO MUCH for no complications from surgery. that your bowel will wake back up and start working just as it should and no bowel obstructions and no more intestines taken out...i pray that God will heal your little body and fill you with His peace. right now what you know is happening friday is that the doctor will give you a new "scratch" on your tummy/chest and that is where he's gonna make you better, and you also know that gigi is bringing you surprises to the hospital. so we're focusing on that=)

i love you baby. let's get this over with...



Jess Sykes said...

praying big prayers for your sweet family and sweet Catherine!

The Hankinson's said...

wow - so I missed the last update with the news that you got a job!!! yahoo! and putting an offer on a house! double yahoo! and Donnie graduated! what what!!!! so happy for your sweet lil' family! praying big prayers for Friday!