Monday, June 27, 2011

the girl likes her pool

you had surgery june 10th. i had taken that thursday and friday, and then the next 2 weeks, off from work because we didn't know how long you would take to recover. turns out, you took about 4 days and then you were good as new. so after i checked with my office manager and made sure they were, in fact, surviving without me, i had two weeks at home with my girl who was running around and doing flips and acting like surgery had never happened. dr hebra recommended we wait about a week for you to go swimming so i figured maybe sometime mid-week we'd try the pool again. but monday we headed that way to "stick out feet in" because for some reason i thought that could be good enough for a sweet little almost-3-year-old who loves the water. next thing i know you're laying down on the first step of the pool, with your chest tube site and surgery incision fully submerged underwater. which is when i officially decided it was ok for you to swim again.

and we haven't looked back since. we've been swimming every day, i tell you. every day. your yellow swimmies from last year bit the dust so once we got some new ones for you, you were off in that pool swimming all by yourself. and then telling us all about how you can go swimming by yourself, but you want us to be there too. my brave little cautious girl. i love it=)

here you are enjoying some pool time. i LOVE that you love water, by the way. there are a very select few things that make mommy happier than feeling the sun on my skin while i sit beside or maybe even in some body of water. and you seem to have gotten the little water/sun bug from me=)

you're also not afraid of frogs, apparently.

i love you sweet babe. you fill me with such joy.


see the frog???

there you are pointing to it, just in case. i think it was in shock and it just sat there for a long time. then it hopped off and at first you thought that was so funny. then when you realized he was gone you were most upset. you could only be consoled by an otter pop. (you know otter pops? flavored ice pops? they are perfection at the pool.)

you and max. running the pool.


Deb said...

She makes me smile just to look at her! What a trooper! Enjoy every minute with her:)

Abby and Pete said...

catherine marie! you little stinker. so glad you got all that time off and that she is back to her little swimming self. love your new house! smyrna...what what! my grandparents lived there growing up and I went to church there.

DevonLeah said...

love to hear she is doing so well..