Friday, June 10, 2011

funny kitties

one of your favorite things to do with aunt nikki is watch youtube videos of kitty cats doing funny things. and one of my favorite things to do is watch you laugh at them=) here's a (long) video of you two (and daddy sneaking in there) while i ooh and aah to myself about how unbelievably perfect your pretty little face is and how your dimples make me ooey gooey inside and how i feel completely content watching your little body giggle with joy. i feel like most people will not have the patience to watch this whole thing, but it's one of my favorites=)

also, you're in surgery right now. we've gotten a few updates and all is going well so far. i can't wait to see you sweet baby. when i was getting anxious with impatience daddy said "she's just gonna be sleeping" but i want to watch you sleep and kiss your nose and nuzzle your sweet cheeks.

and in other news, we bought a house today. we've been negotiating terms since sunday night and today everybody finally agreed on everything. and about 10 minutes after they took you to the OR john our realtor (who also happens to be my best friend robyn's hubby) called to tell us the good news.

so today has been full of mixed emotions, huh? but all is well=)

see you soon love-



cami said...

I am praying for Catherine- keep me posted! Love you guys!

Deb said...

Holding you all close in thought & prayer..hugs:)

Emilie Smith said...

(i watched the whole thing!)

I love her!!! She is so cute and silly : ) Can't wait to see y'all soon!

So glad things went well yesterday!

thedunns said...

I watched the whole thing too!! Love how you're telling her to stop picking her nose & she's looking at you (with a finger in her nose), like you're crazy!! yea for a successful surgery & yea for a new house!! where is it?? the timberlands, huh huh huh??