Thursday, June 23, 2011

our new house=)

we're moving to atlanta in a month. a month and two days, actually. and it's really smyrna, not atlanta. and we can't wait!!! well, that's mostly true. we have some sweet sweet friends in clemson that we will miss so much. we've loved living the last year with them. and i have this huge blessing of a job that i can't believe i'm leaving. but then i have another incredible job waiting for me in atlanta and every day i can't believe my lucky stars that something so perfectly matched for me has fallen into my lap, again.

and we're under contract for this little house that we love so much. we had our inspection last week and it went so well and we're just waiting on some things here and there and we close july 15th=) then we move on the 25th and do you know what i'm most excited about? putting my kitchen things away. is that weird? just a little tidbit about your mama. every move, i'm most excited about choosing where to put my kitchen things=)

and here is the best part. this week i actually (with the help of eve my new office manager and long-time family friend...) found and enrolled you in a little childcare place that i love!!!! i can't even begin to describe how relieved i am about this. probably more than the house or the job, i'm so thankful that we found a place we trust to take care of you every day=) i don't know how to go into it more than that, so i'll just leave it there.

good things happening, sweet love.

thank you Jesus for making all of our moving to georgia things fall into place. i can't pretend even for a second that this all isn't Your hand at work...You never cease to amaze=)

ok love. here are some pictures of you hanging out with daddy at our new house and trying to unlock the door. you're very excited about it and you keep telling me that your new room has 2 windows=)

love you babe.


you and daddy at your new house on father's day=)

you love your front yard. your favorite thing to do there right now is to run around in circles in the grass. (aren't the trees so awesome??? i think that's mine and daddy's favorite part. in virginia i loved how i could look up in our backyard and just see tree branches going everywhere. you can do that here too and it makes me VERY happy=))

ps. more pictures to come. my computer is acting wonky and they're not uploading right...


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

YEAH!!! Welcome to Atlanta!!! We're over in Lawrenceville, but if you ever need anything, let me know!

E said...

So fun! Where's you're new job?
I have tried texting you...did you change your #?

Hannah D said...

SUPER cuteness!!! can't wait to come see it in person, YAHOO! :)

Renee said...

yay for your new house!!! believe me, after living the rental house/apartment life for the past few years, you will be AMAZED at the beautiful "settled" feeling you're about to get! it's amazing! a wonderful gift from God! and your new house looks so homey and cozy and beautiful.....i love me a brick ranch :) when you get that kitchen all unpacked, i wanna come for dinner! i'll bring dessert!! :)