Thursday, July 21, 2011


oh man am i behind. this past month has been packed full of things to share with you, but i suppose that's why i haven't done it. it's been packed full and i haven't had oodles of time to write bloggy letters. but the main stuff is that we:

a) went to the lake for the fourth of july. josh came. and brought you a flipping bike, for crying out loud. that boy goes big or goes home.

b) bought a house! we closed last friday and the movers come to south carolina to move our world to smyrna, georgia this monday. we are incredibly excited to start this next little chapter=)

c) happily hosted sara and daryl and dakota coming to visit us. i have no pictures from the weekend and i have no good excuse for that.

d) i don't really think there's a d. which makes me feel like the rant about how full our month has been was a load of malarkey. but part b includes faxing approximately 8 billion pages back and forth at least 14 times to the loan company, so that gives me a little something.

oh wait!

e) went to charleston for your follow up from surgery and everything looked great!!! the x-ray looked good and you're healing up nicely and the nurse practitioner said you were the "perfect patient" and i about threw a party right there because that has not always been the case, sweet one. but i'm immensely thankful that your body is back in order and appears to be behaving. here's to praying that it stays that way forever and ever.

remember how i said you said hospital like "ho-pi-si-tal"...??? here's a video of me shamelessly (and obnoxiously) trying to get you to say it clearly into the camera...the patience you have with your mother is endless.

and have i told you about patty shukla i think her name is on daddy's ipad??? it's a lady who sings kid songs and you love her. and we have made some sweet and embarassing family memories dancing and singing to her. here's a video of you and daddy dancing to "jumpy jump jump" as you call it. you better believe our downstairs neighbors were loving us after this night...

fun, huh??? i guess that depends who you're talking to. but you light up our world with your excitement so we like patty shukla in our house=)

ok that's all. happy moving to us next week=)

i love you sweet angel.


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