Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy fall=)

hi love=)

it's been a fun fall so far=) let it be written that i am somewhat enjoying the cooler weather (but after 1 month of the cold i'll be ready for summer) and it makes me giddy to drink apple cider and make chili and cuddle on the couch. but what i REALLY want to do is put up our christmas tree=) we got a new village and train to put around our tree and i CAN'T WAIT to put it all up and watch you play with it. i can guarantee you that will be before thanksgiving.

speaking of fall, sara and daryl came to visit us a few weeks ago! (sara LOVES fall) here's a picture of you snuggling with them. you think you like them just a little bit? ;)

yesterday when we were riding in the car you started telling me about how the leaves change color in the fall and that y'all talked about that in school=) i tell your teacher ms michelle when you do things at home that y'all learn at school, and she just about starts crying=) that makes me love her, that she obviously is so proud of you too...did i tell you about the school situation?? i can't remember..but the first school we tried here wasn't so good, so after about a month we changed to another one that was right across the street and it is WONDERFUL!!! and that is a huge part of why the transition to georgia is getting better-i can actually enjoy my job that i like so much because i know you are happy when i'm away from you. i definitely couldn't say that while you were at your other school, so it makes me breathe a huge happy sigh of relief that where you are now is loving and nurturing and you get treated pretty close to the way you get treated when you're at home. but maybe with a few less kisses.

a few weeks ago we went camping with uncle keith and aunt elaine and grandypa-your mama is not a natural lover of camping, because i prefer showers and toilets, but it really was lots of fun! i was so hesitant to go, but it was one of your daddy's favorite childhood memories so i figured i should muster up some courage and eagerness and make it happen. so we did. and we loved it. it was such a great time being with elaine and keith, who we don't get to see too often, and grandypa was great showing you the campfire and entertaining us with his antics...thanks aunt elaine for all the sweet pictures!

and then we went to a pumpkin patch with uncle kelly and aunt misty and cousin hazel. lots of fun!

and here you are all dressed up in your halloween costume=) this year you were jessie the cowgirl from toy story. we can thank my sweet friend christi once again for such a great costume-mommy is nowhere near that crafty!! you loved dressing up and telling people that you were jessie=) and we loved watching you strut around knowing you were so cute=)

it's probably not a shocker that christi made this cute little fall outfit for you too=) thanks again christi!! i'm not sure where my sweet girl would be without you, at least in the fashion sense=)

this is of us dressing up our pumpkin like a turkey...

and here we are loving on each other=)

and here you are looking awesome after you put on everything you could find in your dress-up drawer...

that's all for now love. i love you so much and am loving watching you grown and learn and get smarter and smarter every day=)



E said...

Yay for fall! Boo for this being the first Christmas we won't be in GA, and won't get to see y'all!

Amy said...

Wish I could see you guys more often... ( this is from AC )