Thursday, February 23, 2012

well hi there.

so it's been over 3 months, eh? i'm not sure what exactly to say about that. this sounds incredibly dramatic, but i've felt like "words escape me" for a while now...i'm not quite able to wax eloquent about much, even you-my sweetest little muse=) i'm talking like i'm a writer, which i most certainly am not. but i don't typically struggle to find words about you, sweet love=)

so this letter will be mostly a bunch of pictures to catch you up from last fall. but i will say that fall was sweet. christmas was sweeter. winter has been chaotic but no doubt God is whispering to all of us and transforming our hearts. and i can't really ask for more than that, can i?

you are the cutest 3 year old. i love watching your face light up when you see a baby (you still ask me every day if there's one in my tummy yet...) or sound out a word or realize that you just learned how to do something new. i know without a doubt that there is so much more to be said about what you're doing in this particular phase of 3 year old life, but like i said, i'm at a loss for words during this little season. that breaks my heart, because you deserve a well thought-out memoir of your precious little journey. but we'll have to make do with an update through photos...

my favorite picture of us. maybe ever.

a big smooch

you "brought me breakfast" one morning while i was getting ready. a plastic french fry and a pepper shaker=)

you and jackson. looking awesome.

you and roberta george.

you and shelly. bonding in the car. sorry about half of the picture being cut off-i didn't have patience to go back and fix it:/

you and hazel. playing in the leaves at grandypa's house on thanksgiving. is this maybe the best picture you've ever seen or what?

daddy wanted to get in on that too.

um. you're drinking gravy through a straw. i thought it was worthy of note since you are definitely a scrawny little specimen...but that makes this picture no less disgusting.

you were very excited when lindsay's christmas present came in the mail! we can never have enough baby doll accessories=)

catherine LOVES harper and knox!!! (you're kissing knox's head here) these are lance and rachel's twin babies that you waited so patiently for last year. they arrived in november and now every twin anything is named harper and knox. including the imaginary twins you're wishing upon mommy's uterus.

girlfriend loves some chicken wings.

you and hazel-haze playing in the chick-fil-a playground

josh came to visit the week before christmas. you were excited, to say the least=)

downtown atlanta, with the city all dressed up for christmas

you on christmas morning with the twin baby dolls that santa brought. what are their names, you ask? that would be harper and knox, of course=)

santa also brought you an easel=)

davises at christmas. bam.

catherine riding on the back of her horse anna cate. (is that even what was happening? i'm not sure)

jackson, catherine and anna cate loving on grandmama. we all missed papa very much this christmas, but celebrated that he was spending christmas with Jesus Himself=)

yes please. love these three=)

i do believe we were making funny faces to try and help a certain grumpy catherine get on board with picture taking...

this makes me very very happy=)

anna cate read the christmas story this year

Lord have mercy. i can't get enough.


brooke hammel said...

what a treasure and blessing to see these photos, and know how far the Lord has brought you all. All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS! :)

The Hankinson's said...

Welcome back to blogging! You know we always enjoy your words of love about sweet lil' Catherine, but we really like all the picts!

E said...

I have missed you!

Renee said...

it has been a long 3 months! i have missed these fun/sweet/crazy (gravy straw drinking girl!?!!??) updates. love all the pictures! she is so cute and funny! and as usual- love hearing your voice.....even if it is just through words on the computer :)

love you girl!

Kristy said...

Miss you!