Wednesday, August 15, 2012

summer time

sweet catherine girl-

true to what has now become my consistent habit, i have tons to catch you up on. i think it's easiest to just do that through pictures. so without further ado...

cousin hazel's birthday party=)

catherine loved having her big girl cousin anna cate back in georgia for a few weeks!

catherine loves harper and knox! what an understatement=) 

love these two sleepy heads.

fun with shelly!!!

two of my favorite beauties=)

oh my goodness donnie loves little penny so much.

cousin pool time=)

grandaddy's 64th birthday

catherine wanted to put sponge rollers in her hair "like mommy did when she was little." here she is pretending to sleep so i could take a picture=)

reading with aunt amy at the lake

jackson, catherine, anna cate

at mommy's second favorite part of the georgia aquarium (my very favorite is the dolphin show)

LOVE catherine's face here as she watches the penguins swim by

climbing on daddy=)

trying to talk catherine into taking a picture with me

not working.

there we go!

sweet cousin time on the boat

silly faces

she does whatever he does=)

can you tell she likes him?

this girl likes the boat. just like her mama.

jackson and catherine with grandmama

introducing grandmama to 3-D glasses

our new king size bed. the bedding has since been changed, but that matters very little because WE FINALLY HAVE A KING SIZE BED!!!! i don't know if you can tell, but there is a light from the heavens that is certainly shining down on this thing. sleep time has been forever changed=)

new vanity

this was after day 1 of working on the basement (fast forward 3 months....and today the drywall went in! yay!)

sweet girl snuggling with her little brother=) this was around 13 weeks and i'm now 21...the belly has been a-growing since then for sure.

hazel thoroughly enjoying her chocolate cupcake at her birthday party

catherine told me one night that she had laid out her outfit for the next day. i walked into her room and this is what i saw. i don't think she missed a single detail=)

you will turn 4 on sunday, and i can't believe it. you are so excited and have been telling people for a few months that you are almost four. you also got brave/merrida panties today and you associate that with being four for some reason=) you have a big weekend of festivities planned and we are so excited to celebrate our favorite girl!

i love you little angel-


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The Hankinson's said...

I can't decide which pict if my favorite so I'm choosing top 3!
curlers - oh the nights of sleeping in curlers! the 3d glasses on grandma - awesome! and Catherine is my kind of girl picking out her outfit head to toe! And I'd be lying if I didnt say another favorite is the KING size bed!!!! AHHHH!!!! yahoo for the basement too! thanks for pic updates!