Monday, August 20, 2012

catherine turns 4!

sweet catherine girl-

we had your 4th birthday party this weekend and it was tons of fun! you got a new bike and helmet from me and daddy, new art supplies and pre-school learning things, and so much brave/merida stuff i can't even remember it all! here are some birthday party pictures....

wearing your merida wig and a blue tongue courtesy of the icing on your cake...this picture reminds me of the band kiss=)

seeing your new bike for the first time!

daddy had the job of getting "an official 4 year old picture" with his new camera. he got some pretty funny shots=)

my favorite=)

he took pictures of you dancing around for about 10 minutes=)

riding your new horse "angus" (merida has a horse named angus. so of course, so do you.)

you and cousin jackson

harper and knox!

catherine and grandypa

opening your merida wig!!! (look at that face. is there any question how happy you were to get this?)

aunt nikki rockin' the merida wig

grandypa is a goof=)

our little merida=)

another cake creation by aunt nikki=)

i love him.

sweet miley girl

the big boys had way more fun than the kids in the pool (daddy kicking the ball mid-air)

rolling down the grassy hill=)

uncle keith head-butting the ball

little addy=)

addy, catherine and gigi riding on angus

catherine, aunt nikki and aunt elaine playing with all the new toys after we got home saturday night

the after-party consisted of our poor family members coming over to put primer on our basement walls...this is a picture that i took from outside looking in one of our basement windows...i think grandaddy is vacuuming all the drywall dust away)

uncle nathan, uncle keith and daddy. poor suckers. (but now it's all primed, painted, and the ceiling started going in today!!! we're making more room for adam in our house every day=)

there you go sweet angel!! your 4th birthday party=) we are so proud of you and were so thrilled this weekend to be celebrating the life of our precious girl.

i love you baby girl. more than any words could describe=)



Sara said...

She is getting so big! I love her in the wig! Priceless! Love you all!

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