Sunday, December 2, 2012

waiting for adam

this is the painting above adam's crib. it says "every good and perfect gift is from above", from james 1:17. catherine and adam's aunt nikki put up with me though months of dreaming of what i wanted the paintings in his room to say, and this is where we landed with the one that had a bible verse on it. it's a simple verse, and it's well known and you see it in a lot of places, but throughout this year of growing adam in my tummy it has come back to me time and time again. our sweet boy, we do feel like you are such a gift from our God who loves us beyond comprehension. for so many reasons. because you're healthy, because of the timing of you being added to our family, and just simply because God has chosen us to be your parents here on earth. He loves us so, and showers us with mercy and grace, and part of what that looks like in our life this year is being entrusted with a sweet baby boy, a son for us, a brother for your sister.

we are ready for you! we absolutely can't wait to meet you-to see your sweet face, to know if i'm right in predicting that you'll look just like your handsome daddy, to know when your birthday will be, to kiss these sweet feet that are constantly poking out the right side of my belly.

2012 has been a year for our family when we've felt God very close to us. and part of that is the tangible gift of you, our sweet boy. we love you so, and we can't wait to hold you in our arms.

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James Pedigo said...

Hi Katie,
I am a student at Liberty University. I am reading your first blog about baby Catherine. Well I am trying to read it between the tears. My wife and I are kind of on the opposite end of the linear line from you guys. Our oldest, James is 13, our middle child, Kaleigh is 9, and our youngest is the same age as Catherine. Her name is Sydney. The funny thing is, she was born a month early and her lungs were not fully developed. I cannot imagine what you guys went through. We thought all was well until the day she was born. Well, she is a happy healthy feisty 4 year old now. Congrats on your new addition and I love the happy news!!! I cannot wait to meet you guys one day. God bless, your brother in Christ, James. :-)