Saturday, December 1, 2012

well. we're still here.

haven't gone anywhere, just haven't blogged in over 2 months. things are good. catherine, you are the cutest. nothing has changed there. you're so much fun to talk to and your facial expressions and the way you move your hands when you talk cracks us up all the time. what a little lady you're becoming=) you're so excited about meeting your little brother, i don't even know how to put it into words. it melts my heart every time you talk about him. i know it'll be an adjustment and a tough transition for you, but i'm hoping that all the excitement and enthusiasm you have for little adam will work in our (and your)'ve been the center of our world for 4 years and of course it'll be tough to suddenly have to learn to share that with somebody else, especially when that somebody cries a lot and can't really play with you yet. but i'm optimistic=)

one of your newest quirks is that you repeat everything daddy says. really, what he sings. he starts making up songs in the car and you immediately sing the same thing. cute, and also terrifying=)

 i've had a list of about a bajillion things to get done before sweet adam arrives, and one of those things was to catch the blog up on the last few months of pictures. so here they are=)

you look like a little thug in your hat. i love it.

you had your first official haircut in a real salon a few weeks ago, and you were very excited about it!

you were still and patient for about 45 seconds, then you were a little wiggly and we had to remind you every minute or so to stay so still. it didn't take very long, and you did great, and this face shows how proud you were of yourself=)

you looking cute i your brave/hello kitty get-up.

my little sass machine.

you and daddy gathering firewood for our thanksgiving break party with uncle kelly and hazel.

our little merida trick or treating=)

talking to you while you were waking up from a nap=)

30ish weeks i think?

ready to go see disney on ice! you dressed up like merida and loved it=)

you and hazel at the pumpkin patch.

you abiding by the "only jump on the bed or the ottoman if someone is holding your hand" rule. and also this is to show my big 34 week belly.

we spent the night at grandmama's house a few weeks ago, and one of your favorite things to do there is take a bubble bath in her jacuzzi tub=)

you thought you were pretty funny looking=)

roasting marshmallows with uncle kelly and hazel.

at the christmas tree on the marietta square

you are so precious to us sweet girl. i'm feeling all emotional about it and wanting to put into words what you mean to us-how much we are cherishing this last little bit of time where it's just our family of three. and of course i don't know how. but we do love you. so so much. i'm gonna go upstairs now and just kiss you all over your face while you sleep.

our house is decorated for christmas, most of the christmas shopping is done, maternity pictures were taken by my lovely and talented sister-in-law elaine davis last week, and now we're just waiting on our sweet buddy.

bring it on.


E said...

So glad to see you're doing well. You look radiant as always. Miss you sweet friend.

You will LOVE having two babies!!!!

Renee said...

oh my goodness- that pic of Catherine in the tub!!!! i LOVE it! she is so funny! and you look gorgeous! can't wait to see the bound-to-be-beautiful pics your sisternlaw took!

also, just an idea- when GA was born i was worried about how B would react too (normal mommy fear i'm sure), so the Christmas before we got her a little baby doll kit. a doll w/a highchair, crib, stroller, playmat, everything (her baby had more stuff than GA- ha!). anyways- it was just a way to help her prepare a bit and sometimes when i was busy feeding GA or whatever and couldn't get to her, i'd say "go get your baby and we can feed them together". i remember it helped some. just an idea! :) of course w/her sweet personality, i'm sure she will be just fine! B definitely was. Now GA w/#3???? little worried.....she's got a bit more sass in her, so we'll see! ha!