Monday, June 16, 2008

family photo...


hey sweet girl! this is a great family picture, don't you think? you're so funny in there making my belly so big. you want to know something weird? i absolutely love what you're doing to my tummy! i could just sit and stare at it all day! mommy might not feel quite the same way in 2 months when i can't roll over by myself, but right now i'm loving it! daddy drew on it for the first time last weekend-it was just a smiley face but we liked it=)

yesterday was father's day and you and i made a card for your daddy. we drew a picture of all the new things in our lives this year: our new family with you in my big belly, our new house, our new yard with pretty flowers and bird houses and lots of great things...we told him that you thought he was gonna be the best daddy and we made a list of all the things you love that he does thumping my stomach when he wants you to wake up and play with him, or making up songs and singing them to us, or how he gets me to rest my belly on his so he can feel you moving around too=) he loved the card!

this afternoon he was telling me all about how he wants to add lots of pink to the brown room that would be yours if we get to keep you-he doesn't like to think about the possibility of you not getting to live in it...i don't blame him-it's much more fun to daydream about bringing you home=)

we have a wonderful friend named carol whose daughter, jennifer, was one of mommy's best friends for a long time. jennifer was so sweet and sincere and fun and you two would love each other so much! this is so sad my precious girl, but we lost jennifer in a car accident when she was 19. i am so thankful for carol now all over again because, even though i know our situations are not quite the same, i think she will be such a help for mommy if you meet Jesus soon after you're born. she already does help, actually=) she sends us cards and reminds us of how much God loves us and you and how He is carrying us through this time of uncertainty. there was a verse on one of the cards last week and it quickly became a favorite, especially as i think about you. this is it:

"...You are precious to Me and honored, and I love you."
-Isaiah 43:4 TLB

i think i have told you this before, but mommy tends to like things that are simple, and this is so simple and perfectly true! you ARE precious, and honored my sweet one...God rejoices over you in heaven...i love imagining Him up there dancing around just thinking about you and looking at you in my tummy...He can't get that smile off His face=)
it makes me happy to think about these things little one=)
i love you-


Kristy said...

You amaze me, Margaret Kay and I love you very much. If Catherine does meet Jesus soon after birth she will definitely have Jen there to greet here! How lucky of a little girl she would be! :)

Erin said...

Sweet post. I like the family picture. You are just TOO cute preggo! :)

Tell Donnie happy belated Father's Day!

Beth G. said...

Beautiful pictures! I continue to pray for yall. Hope you are having a great summer!
Beth (Perkins) Goff