Thursday, July 10, 2008



you are a funny little girl, aren't you? you proved me very wrong today, and it makes me smile and laugh thinking about what if you were showing off just for me and to ease my anxiety a little. thank you=) the ultrasound and all your testing went so well! i say "so well", but i guess i should add "considering the circumstances." all the stuff that has been in the wrong place and in the way of the lungs is still where it shouldn't be, but everything else was fine. you were a wild woman in there! we kept laughing (and me laughing didn't help matters either) because you were zipping this way and that whenever we would try to look at you or monitor your heart rate. that made it very difficult my sweet girl-you are a rascal and i love it=) you passed your tests with flying colors though. mommy and daddy did end up having to go to the hospital though for further monitoring of my belly, because i was having really mild contractions and the perinatologist was afraid i was going into preterm labor...not today though-just practice contractions. we got some great pictures of you-it's been lots of fun watching you change and grow every time we see you. here is a picture from today...

can you tell what you're doing there? this is a picture of your head, and you're looking down and to my left, and your hand is up in front of your forehead. it's funny watching the way the 3-D ultrasound pictures change as you get bigger-you were very scrawny in the earlier ones, and now look how great and squishy your cheeks look! i love them. i can't wait to feel them in person=)

i love you beautiful girl-



Kristy said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I had to blow up all the pics to figure out who she looks like. Honey, results are in: I think she is a little Katie Torrance! :) I'm glad things were good today! I was thinking about you three! Please give Catherine a nice long rub from her Aunt Kristy!!! :) Love you all!

Kelly Davis said...

Oh my makes me so happy to see her. She IS beautiful! I love you guys!

Emily said...

Hi Katie,
I heard about your blog from my sister-in-law, Melissa (Mosley) Lanier. I have a cousin going through a sort of simliar time -- she is 5 months pregnant and not certain her baby girl is going to survive; she has Turner Syndrome. So Melissa and I thought we would share your story with her (I hope that you don't mind). I think your writings are so beautiful, and a wonderful idea. I am praying for your precious family and will certainly have you in my mind and heart on the 21st. I will pray for Catherine, to accept God's will, and also for a happy day, strength and peace. ~Emily Mosley